A “dark plasma” smoke from the sun is thought to be overshadowed by a “cannibal” solar burst that may make aurora display visible in the U.S.

‘Cannibal’ Solar Burst is Approaching The Earth

The northern lights are expected to be seen even to some southern areas including Illinois and Oregon which are way outside their normal realm.

The first of the dark plasma bursts was spotted on Sunday after blasting from a sunspot on the surface of the sun at a speed of 1.3 million mph.

If these coronal mass ejections interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, it can cause geomagnetic storms if launched in our direction.

The geomagnetic storms can then indulge with the radio navigation to cause considerable power grid fluctuations.

A second coronal mass ejection from the sun is predicted to be more energetic and faster than the first one, resulting into “cannibalisation”.

Solar storms aren’t known to cause any damage to human lives but they can affect several satellites forcing them to fall back to earth.

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