A 5-mile Undersea Crater Found By Scientists

An asteroid hit The Earth 66 million years ago creating a massive undersea crater, 248 miles off the coast of West Africa.

The crater is named the Nadir crater and it may have played a role in the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

The crater belongs to the same age when the dinosaurs and many other species went extinct from the planet.

The crater was found while another project on tectonic split between South America and Africa was being carried out.

The crater was found beneath 400 meters of seabed sediment. It’s an example of the rare submarine impact crater which has only a few known examples.

The Nadir crater is 8 kilometres wide and is believed to have been caused by an asteroid more than 400 meters wide.

According to scientists, a Nadir-sized asteroid is expected to collide with Earth every 700,000 years or so.

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