Relation Between Depression and Sleep

Relation Between Depression and Sleep

Relation between Depression and Sleep

When someone is depressed, he or she sleeps for long durations of time which ranges between 10-16 hours a day! Nobody willingly wants to sleep for such a long time but depressions don’t leave you with an option! So, what is depression? Why does it happen? What are the myths related to its relation with sleep? What is the reality? And how one can avoid or tackle this situation??


What is Depression?


Depression is basically a geographical word which means a trough or a low-lying area. In terms of mental disorders, depression means a state when a person doesn’t feel like doing anything. He doesn’t feel like eating, working or talking to anyone. The only thing he feels like doing is to sleep! It is considered the lowest point in one’s life as many of the people who get depressed often end their lives by committing suicide. 


Causes of Depression


The reasons for depression can range from anything to everything. Losing a close family relative, failing in love or in studies, or simply because of not getting what one wants from life! But depression can also surface for no reason at all! But these known and unknown reasons are only a stimulant of depression which make it bigger and visible. Actually, the seed of depression sprouts from the fact that when a life (a person) doesn’t find full expression and is doing something forcefully or against his/her wish, life becomes burdensome. This burden leads the person to sleep too much and lands him in depression. Sleep is like death for anyone as it makes you ‘vanish’ from the real world and hence gives you a way out of your problems for sometime. This is why people in depression sleep a lot.


Depression is a Lesson


People take depression as an ultimate thing which has no solution at all. It is said that when depression strikes you, it is depression’s choice regarding when it leaves you and not yours. True! But if you learn things which depression is trying to teach you, depression would go! In fact, you will be able to benefit from depression! This planet is life and we are its living inhabitants. The planet is here to feed us and let us live and not to take life out of us by giving us miseries. Everything on this planet is for our good and for our growth & survival. But if we ourselves start taking things in the wrong way, nobody will be able to help us! So, we should try and learn what depression is trying to teach us. 

Depression and Sleep
Depression and Sleep



What to learn from Depression?


If we are able to imbibe one teaching of depression in ourselves, we would not only become free from depression but we will also benefit from it! This teaching is the virtue of carrying the feeling of death with us. When under depression we sleep a lot which is like death. Depression wants us to imbibe this feeling & energy when we become ‘alive’ again! If you are able to do this you will not take life so seriously and would be able to see the funny and lighter side of it. This will help you immensely and you would never be depressed again. People who have near-death experiences either in an accident or due to a deadly disease, start living their lives much more livelier only because they are able to bring the feeling of death in every second that they live! When you are not alive, how can you take anything seriously? 


Depression is something bad – A Myth!


During depressions the long hours of sleep shouldn’t be looked upon as bad but as an opportunity to heal oneself and prepare ourselves for any future situation that may arise in front of us. If you are able to make peace with death, you will be able to live life without any stress, anxiety or depression. 


How to Prevent Depression/ Conclusion


But first of all, depressions should not occur to you. To do this we should ensure that we are able to face the truth in our lives. When we believe something, it gives us confidence and a sense of security but when truth hits us we become depressed! If we constantly seek truth in our lives, we would be away from depressions and anxieties because truth empowers but belief cripples! Secondly, if we get depressed, we should not look at it like something bad has happened. We should always know that if certain things that we don’t want are happening to us, we are going wrong somewhere! This means that the uninvited situation is there to learn from and get help from. So, when you are sleepy during depression, you should not try to avoid sleep or to kill yourself. You should sleep as much as you can during that time. Remember, in any situation never fight nature, you will always lose! Just go with it and you will find your way. So, sleep as much as you can and want. At the end of it, when you get tired of sleeping it will mean that you have successfully imbibed the feeling of death in your life. Just don’t forget that feeling and you will never ever get depressed in life as you have grasped the BIGGEST TRUTH of human life successfully which is DEATH! 






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