Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

‘Purpose of Life’


You must have heard people saying that a purposeful life is a meaningful life. Without purpose life looses direction. You might have also heard people saying that when they have a purpose, they are energetic and motivated but when they don’t have any purpose they feel low and depressed. So, what are these people talking about? What is a purpose?? Do you really need it? If yes, then why? If No, then why not? and depending on Yes or No, how can we have a purpose or how can we get rid of it?


What is a ‘Purpose’?


So, let’s try to explain what a ‘purpose’ really is. A purpose is anything you intend to achieve. It’s a goal or a desire that drives you so that you are always on-the-go in life. When you say that you want to come first in your class or you want to get a job in a big company or you want to settle abroad, you are basically having these wishes as your purposes in life! This purpose may be short-term/intermediate purpose or you may also have a main purpose of your life around which other purposes revolve. For example, you may have a main purpose of your life as to earn a lot of money and other smaller purposes like the type of job you choose or the amount of hard-work you put into your job or the decision to settle abroad.   


Should We Have a ‘Purpose of Life’?


Every living being in this world, small or big, has a purpose in their lives. But it’s in our hands whether that purpose is determined by us or we allow that to be determined by nature and by our own life. If life and nature decide what our purpose in life is, we have a higher possibility in our lives. But when we decide our purpose on our own, it’s painful for us and the people around us. This is not only because we are going against the nature but also because in order to achieve our purpose we become a tyrant and a pathetic human being! The purpose of having a higher economic growth is damaging the nature and the biodiversity! People with purpose of becoming rich are forcing others to become poor!  People trying to gain more power in the world are making the lives of weaker people miserable! But if we become open to nature’s purpose for us we will be able to achieve our highest possible self that will give us the feeling of completeness and fulfillment! When we aim for becoming a CEO in a big company we have to give-up the chance of becoming a film star or a cricketer or a civil servant which might have been more meaningful and suitable for us! A job that is not suitable for us will ultimately make us frustrated and sad in life. So, why take that burden and blame of choosing the wrong job for us? Shouldn’t we let nature decide our fate as nature never fails! It knows exactly what we are capable and incapable of and what would make us joyful & ecstatic. Instead of having our own purpose, we should just keep working to the best of our ability and decide in an instant among various choices life throws at us. Man had his own purpose of earning a lot of money but has it made him happy? You had the purpose of having your dream car, has it made you happy forever? 


Advantages of Not Having A ‘Purpose of Life’


Not having a purpose has many advantages. First of all, not having a purpose makes you free! You can do things you actually like to do and be with people who actually matter to you! Did people who had the purpose of having a well-paying job loved their bosses the most in their lives?? When you don’t like doing something then just don’t do it! But having a purpose has made you confused, miserable and choice-less! Next is, if you don’t have a purpose in life you can actually become kinder and gentler in life instead of being a tyrant in pursuit of his purpose! There is no bigger joy than serving our fellow beings!! But having a purpose makes you actually do all the nasty things to people, only to achieve your purpose. Everything we do, gets stored in our memory. If we are good to people, we will be happy in life but if we are nasty to them, we will slowly become miserable even without knowing it! When people you love start saying that you have changed, know that its a sign of you becoming miserable! The next benefit of not having a purpose is that you will get to explore the various dimensions of life which cannot be explored while you have a purpose in life. People keep roaming around with their purposes all their lives and when they reach their death-bed they wonder what was missing from their life! The missing thing was ‘life’ itself! When you don’t explore life, how will your life feel fulfilled? Another advantage of not having a purpose is that you will have more options in your life that would make you happy and joyful. When you have a purpose you have only one option. If you get there you will be disappointed as it was not nature’s wish. If you don’t get there, you will be broken because one wish you had and that also didn’t get fulfilled! I ask you, why do you have only one wish? Life is full of possibilities and opportunities, why are you stuck in your own logics and in your own purpose?? Give-up your purpose and let the magic of life unfold before your eyes!!


How To Give-Up Your ‘Purpose of Life’?


But is giving up your purpose so easy? When people today are just not willing to give even an inch of land to their siblings or a penny to a beggar or even a little love to their parents, will they give up their purpose of life? It’s difficult for them but they don’t have any option other than striving! If you want that people should remember you as someone who was free, loving and joyful you should become a student of life and nature instead of trying to impose your own purposes on them! If you identify yourself with the ‘Life’ that you are and ‘Nature’ that has made your life possible, you can give up your purposes and get relieved of that burden sitting on your head from god knows when! Just stop identifying yourself with all your materialistic possessions and start identifying yourself with what is throbbing inside of you right now! Remember, If you don’t have any purpose in life, you will get much more than it as nature becomes your force when you become free!



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