Nature – The Best Teacher

Nature – The Best Teacher

What is Nature?


Human Beings are a product of nature but unfortunately due to many reasons like creation of culture & civilizations they have become unnatural and artificial. It is not to say that culture and civilizations are bad or we don’t need them but before creating them we should have known and imbibed our reality well in our conscience which is that we are strictly a product of nature. When civilizations were created, people did know this reality and hence the creation of these civilizations made sense and they remained relevant. But over the time, people started following these cultures  which got transformed into customs & traditions. This means people followed the created rituals without knowing their essence. This took them away from nature and made them like puppets who acted on the directions of the history of mankind. It took them away from Nature.

The question that arises here first is that what is nature? Nature is simply anything that is not created by humans and is actually the governing entity for them. Right from the air we breathe to the land we walk upon to the river that flows on this land to the birds that chirp in your vicinity to us – the human race, is Nature. But we have somehow forgotten this fact. This is why we are against nature in our plans and in our actions. This is why we are destroying it in the name of growth. This is why we are stressed & anxious in our lives. But this is another topic altogether which will be dealt separately in other blogs. In this blog we will see how nature teaches us in so many different processes embedded in it and why we should learn them well!


How Nature Teaches?


Natural actors like trees, rivers, mountains, air, animals, land, etc are full of lessons for us which we can observe and learn from. There are so many challenges and milestones to be achieved for man. These can’t be achieved unless we are able to decode the laws of the nature which apply at different points of time in our lives. So, one should be aware, conscious and observant enough to read these simple yet difficult to observe laws of nature. Once you know a natural law, you can apply it in several areas in your life to improve the quality of life you live. For example, a river teaches us that no matter what, we should remain free-flowing. Even if hurdles & obstacles (both in our minds and in reality) cross our paths, we should find a way to get past them. The river succeeds in doing so because it is natural. It doesn’t think and feel anxious like we humans do in front of the ‘situations’ in our lives which unfortunately we call problems! Another thing that a river teaches is that we should serve others and quench their thirst in every way possible. Can you imagine your life without water? We cannot live without water, still all the water-bodies on earth are being polluted by us. But even when the water bodies are capable of having an existence exclusive of us, it quenches our thirst without expecting anything in return. Similarly, the soil which we walk upon is a great asset. It is almost magical. We sow seed and it becomes a plant which bears flowers & fruits. It teaches that every seed that we sow in our lives will have productivity. So, we should always sow the right seeds in our mind & body so that it is beneficial to us. We shouldn’t sow seeds of hatred or jealousy in our minds. We should not sow seeds of diseases and unhealthiness in our bodies by drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes. We can also see that the air we breathe and can’t see has a lot to teach us. It tells us that if we want to rise in life and move swiftly in any area of our lives, then we should be lighter in our heads & bodies. We should be free of stress and free of obesity. Another ingredient of nature is fire which also teaches us many things. Fire is a symbol of anger. So, can we say that anger is of no use and we should shun it altogether? No! When life becomes too ‘cold’ we need anger to ‘warm-up’ so that we are able to avoid inaction and are able to move ahead in life. But we should also be conscious of the fact that we should not get too close to the ‘fire’ otherwise it will burn us! Another thing that we can learn from nature is through weather & climates. It tells us that there are different ‘situations’ in our lives that come in cyclical fashion and no two moments are same. We should be able to adapt to every condition in order to reach our full potential & possibility. Some trees lose their leaves in a particular season, others remain green throughout. You need to make the decision as to what you want to become. Even if you choose or are forced to be like the tree that sheds it’s leaves in a particular season you shouldn’t be worried about it as you know that greenery is bound to come again in your life! Just like mornings and nights, the situations in your life are a passing phase that would continue to repeat themselves at regular intervals of time. Hence, instead of worrying and cribbing about them we should learn to adapt & accept!

The Best Teacher
The Best Teacher



When Does Nature Teach?


We very well know that Nature is limitless, continuous and unending. It teaches us at every point in our lives. It is always there. It depends on us whether we are learning the right lessons Nature is trying to teach us. Some people are able to learn well from good times which helps them avoid desperate situation and troubles. Others learn only from miseries and difficulties. For such people, problems and obstacles keep visiting them as they themselves subconsciously choose them by not learning from the ‘good times’. They are able to learn the right lessons only when they see the ‘writing on the wall’ that spells their doom. The third and the most unfortunate lot of people is the one that is not able to learn even from the worst of times. Due to this, either their whole life becomes a mess or they fall prey to deadly diseases and leave their bodies well before they should have.


Why We Should Learn From Nature?


If you want a simple and successful life, you should get acquainted to the laws of the nature as soon as possible in your life. You should learn the rules of a game if you want to participate and win the game! Similarly, when you are on earth you should follow and adapt to the ultimate rules that govern your existence and success. These laws of Nature are nothing but the Truth of your life. Once you are aware of Truth, there is no force on earth that can stop you from achieving whatever you want over here. You will sail through life effortlessly and you will see that you have more friends and supporters than enemies. A Natural life is an uncomplicated life which is bound to succeed. Apart from this, when you learn the lessons of nature, you have more clarity in life and you are always ‘in control’ which every person longs for throughout his/her life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems but means that you will know how to handle them. Sometimes by your actions and sometimes by not reacting to them!


How to Learn From Nature?


The only way to learn from Nature is to observe it closely. The more you observe, the more these laws will get cemented in your mind and you will be able to make productive use of these laws. But remember, never try to unlock the mysteries of these laws. Always, go for the fruit and not the seed in life. The questions should remain in your head but you should never go crazy about them. Let the processes of life take their own course. Wherever they lead you, they will make you freer, smarter and more fulfilled!



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