message for someone going through a hard time

Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time : The Complete Guide

Importance of Encouragement Messages

Is a message for someone going through a hard time really needed? Do people really require them? Do people even go through hard times in life?

No one in this world can claim that he has never faced hard times in life. Difficulties are a part & parcel of life. They help us stay grounded, introspect, and come out to become a better person every single time. We do feel like super-humans once we are out of the pit. But when we face those troublesome moments in life, the feeling is inexplicable and out of the world. To summarise, we feel overwhelmed! It feels like we will never make our way out and back into the normal world. At such challenging times, a simple message of encouragement may mean the world to us. It may prove to be the blessing that was needed to regain our tempo in life. We should realise that everyone is going through their tough battles in life and try to help each other out of misery through the magic of words.

That is what this blog is all about. We will see how we can use words to soothe someone while they face a hard time in their lives. So, what is the perfect message for someone going through a hard time? Let’s go step by step.

The First Precursor: Your Concern Should Be Genuine

message for someone going through a hard time
Your Concern Should Be Genuine

The first step to giving an encouragement message for someone going through a hard time is to truly & genuinely feel his problem. Feel it as if it were your own problem. When you feel this way, it will guide you to the most authentic solutions to the problem. These solutions can then be used to help the person going through a lean patch in life. Also, you will now be in a position to help him out adding greater meaning to your own life too. 

It is easier to feel genuinely for our family and friends as we already have a connection with them. But it is more difficult to feel the problems of people who we don’t know or are not close to. These may include strangers, certain colleagues at work, neighbours, or people with whom we have economic relations like our maid, cook, driver, shopkeepers, or even our bosses. In such cases, we should not depend on our relations or connections but on our humanity. Just see them as fellow humans and know & remember that what is happening with them today is definitely going to happen to you someday. When this feeling sinks into you, you will genuinely become able to feel their plight.

It will also help you prepare by giving you the strength to face hard times in your own life. Remember, empathy is always an asset that builds you sustainably from within.

Hence, a motivational message for someone going through a hard time is not just for your loved ones. It may be for someone whom you barely know but care for them for the sake of humanity. 

The Second Precursor: You Should First Try Helping Them Out

Message for someone going through a hard time
You Should Have First Tried Helping Them Out

The Genuineness of your concern would be incomplete if you haven’t offered them some kind of help before giving them the encouragement message. It is because encouragement without offering help remains hollow and thus fails to convince, impress, or make a difference. Any person going through a hard time needs an encouragement message from a credible source. He should feel that if a particular person is encouraging him/her, it definitely means that there is hope for them ahead and that good times are truly around the corner. If you are a larger-than-life figure in the society or family, just a pat on the back is enough. But for others, before the pat, they need to try helping the person out.

There are various ways in which you can help a person going through a hard time. The most common way or problem in people’s lives is ‘Money’ or the lack of it. Donate some financial help to pull someone out of their financially hard times. Others may need a helping hand in their work just to lift themselves and their spirit or confidence. There may also be people in need of some kind of psychological help. They may be going through a tough time mentally due to various reasons like job loss, relationship troubles, failures in various endeavours in life, or just loneliness. Only when you try helping them out in some way or the other or at least show an intent to do so, will your message for someone going through a hard time hold some weight, value, & credibility.

Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

Message for someone going through a hard time
Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

If you truly and genuinely feel for a person in a dire situation and have also tried to help him out in some way, your words become a spell of positivity. You can cast this spell on the person going through an arduous time in life to bring him out of it. Still, you have to utter the right words for the spell to work. What you say, how you say it, and when you say it, all make a difference. Let’s begin by looking at what to say to a person going through a hard time in life.

What to say depends on to whom we are saying it. It may be a general message that may work for acquaintances, lesser-known colleagues, or strangers, or a specific message for someone you know very well like someone from amongst your family & friends. So, let’s see what these messages may be.

A General Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time :

“Life can be uncertain & harsh but it can never be unfair. It gives us good and bad times at the perfect moments to make us stronger. Life is not against us, it is always on our side. It wants us to learn, improve, and move forward with calmness, clarity & confidence. That is why it wants us to first take a pause, reflect, and introspect. That’s all. Take these hard times in your stride and become an agent of Nature that is unstoppable. Come on, we both know you can do it!”

Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time Within The Family or Friend Circle :

“We have stayed together for a long time. From what I have seen, I know you are someone I look up to. You are someone who has always turned challenges into opportunities effortlessly. You have not only dealt with your own issues bravely each time but have voluntarily shouldered the responsibilities of other people successfully too. And such a person can never be defeated by any kind of problem. You will find a way through this, I am sure. Just keep doing what you have been doing till now.”

Say The Message The Right Way

Say The Message The Right Way
Say The Message The Right Way

Uttering the right words is important but saying them the correct way is equally, if not more significant. Let’s see how to say the above messages the right way because any message for someone going through a hard time without the right tone may backfire.

It Should Not Sound Like Giving ‘False Hope’

When you say the above messages, it should not sound like you are giving false hope to people. Feeling the problem yourself and having already tried to help will prove beneficial here. It will make your voice relatively more confident and believable. But this confidence also depends on other factors. You may have to encourage someone even though you yourself know the enormity of the challenge they are facing. But if you show even the slightest shakiness in your words, your encouragement message may not sound convincing enough.

So, when you say the encouragement message, you need to say it with full belief & conviction that gives the person hope and inspiration. You will be amazed to see that the belief and conviction you just used for someone else would work wonders in your own life too. This means an effectively put message for someone going through a hard time may help you as well in your life.

It Should Not Sound Too ‘Sympathetic’

Generally, sympathy is considered to be a good thing but it may not be received well by many people. It’s because sympathy may sound full of pity, demeaning, and even insulting to certain people. They may not say anything to you as you are just trying to help them but showing sympathy may prove to be counter-productive for them. It may make the person feel the gravity of his situation even more which might make him go into a panic mode or even depression. So, if you have it, your sympathy should wear the veil of respect, hope, and belief. It will make the encouragement message more powerful and hence more effective. Hence, your message for someone going through a hard time should not have a ‘sympathetic’ tone to it.

It Should Sound Possible, Doable, & Easy

It’s very important that how you say the encouragement message shows hope, positivity, and energy & enthusiasm. This is easier if you have developed these virtues in your own life, you can see it happening in that person’s life, and you are willing to get him out of the hard time he has been facing in his life. You can also draw inspiration from the many people around you who have shown great resilience and strength in fighting adverse situations in life. So, you need to keep a steady, clear, and positive head while uttering the words in the encouragement message and the magic words should do the rest.  

Another caveat while saying the encouragement message is not to say it through text message, email, or a call. The best way to deliver the message would be by talking to the person face to face or in person. Talking in person has a completely different and powerful effect on any person. Firstly, It shows that you care for them. Next, it tells that you are confident and that your message is powerful enough to pull them out of their problems. Also, it signifies that you are a trustworthy person, a true friend, and a great human being. All these things have a cumulative positive impact on the person which again helps in making your message believable, credible, and effective.

Hence, your message for someone going through a hard time should inspire and have a personal touch to its credit.

Say the Message At The Right Moment

Say The Message At The Right Moment
Say The Message At The Right Moment

The timing of the encouragement message is also important. If you say or deliver the message at a wrong time, it may not work or may also give “negative returns” to that person. So, what are the wrong times, and what is the right time for delivering the encouragement message?

Do Not Give The Message Mindlessly As Soon As You Spot The Problem

If the person going through a hard time doesn’t know about the problem or doesn’t consider his situation to be a problem, don’t tell him or make him believe otherwise. It’s because it is possible that the person goes through the situation and comes out of it without any major concerns, threats, or losses. Why make him over-conscious or scared about the situation if he can ride smoothly through it and learn & benefit from it? Thus, apply your wisdom before offering your encouragement message for someone going through a hard time. And offer it only if it is needed.

Do Not Give The Message While He is Ready To Or Already Managing The Problem Well

You should not forward your encouragement message if and when the person is enthusiastic and upbeat about fighting his hard times. Your message is irrelevant if he is already mentally prepared to lock horns with his problems. Similarly, your message is not of much help to him if he is fighting the problem with his full energy and vigour and is adamant about not giving up until he succeeds. And he surely isn’t interested in your encouragement message if he is doing well in his fight with the hard times he is facing. People might be brave enough in facing their problems and we must acknowledge, appreciate, and respect that. So, you need to see if someone needs your message or not. So, when do people need your encouragement message?

Give Your Message When The Person is Feeling Low, Weak, & Helpless

The apt time to forward your encouragement message is when the person is feeling down in his fight. If he feels low on confidence & courage, resources, or anything else, it is time for you to step in. Don’t wait till the situation worsens and he decides to give up or commit crimes or starts contemplating suicide. Remember, your message may be the only thing that can make a difference in his life. Give him hope, positivity, and inspiration to bounce back by uttering the right words, in the right manner, at the right time, as mentioned above. So, whenever you see someone going through a lean patch in life, keep an eye on him/her and step in with your message at the right point in time.

Thus, your message for someone going through a hard time should be given according to the need of that person and not according to your perception.


Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time
Message For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

Your intentions should be crystal-clear while preparing the message for someone going through a hard time. You should be genuinely interested and willing to help them in any way that you can. Your message should appeal to them as if it were a spell of positivity. And last but not the least, it should seem credible and authentic for the person to believe it. Following these basic rules would help you pull anyone out of their misery into a life of hope, happiness, and success. And doing this will bring greater peace, meaning, and satisfaction, into your own life. To sum up, helping people with your powerful encouragement messages would raise the quality of life and make the world a better place to live in.

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