Master The Skill Of Understanding Dreams

Master The Skill Of Understanding Dreams

Master The Skill Of Understanding Dreams 

Dreams have far more relevance for us than we think. People seldom realize that they can master the skill of understanding dreams and become successful in their lives. So, this blog is going to help you decode your dreams and make them easier to interpret. 

What relevance do dreams have for us? How do we decode them? How do we utilize them to become successful in our life?

The dreams we get are a reflection of our current mental state. They directly or indirectly tell us about how we are feeling. This can be used to understand ourselves better and plan our life accordingly.

To decode our dreams, we have to go deep into their meaning. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. We will try decoding some common dreams in the coming paragraphs. It will give you a sense of how to understand your dreams better.

Depending on our moods, feelings & mental state, we get many different types of dreams. Every dream means something. It’s up to us whether we can decode and utilize them.

Before we begin to interpret some of the common dreams, we will answer some of the common queries about dreams. 

Are Dreams Healthy?


Are Dreams Healthy?
Are Dreams Healthy?

Before asking the obvious questions about dreams, we first need to ask ourselves should we even be dreaming? Are dreams healthy? Is it OK to dream? 

The good thing about dreams is that they give you complete freedom. If your dreams don’t give you freedom then what would? It’s healthy to have dreams, both textually and metaphorically.

It is totally OK to have or not have dreams. It doesn’t matter if you have dreams and not remember them. Having vivid or lucid dreams is good too. It’s OK even to dream about dreaming.

What do dreams mean? Dreams mean that you are alive. They mean that you have dynamic intelligence. They mean that you like life and that you want to achieve things in life.

But even if you don’t have dreams’, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone has dreams. Not having dreams means not remembering them. And it’s OK to do so. 

Not remembering dreams means you are fully in the present upon waking up. That you live in reality and not in your wild imagination. It means that you are a free soul submerged into consciousness.

What do vivid dreams mean? If you can see your dreams vividly, it means you have utmost clarity about life and you are not hiding from anything. You believe in your abilities and are willing to give things everything that is needed to succeed.

Dreams in any form or of any type are very healthy! So, never ask yourself again, ‘Why do I dream so much?’ Just master the skill of understanding dreams and learn to use them to your advantage.

Let’s move forward on to some more relevant questions about dreams.

What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?

What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?
What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?

We now know that it’s more than OK to dream. But what about recurring dreams? Why do we keep seeing the same dreams again and again? What do recurring dreams mean? 

Dreams are like life. They keep showing you the same things you haven’t yet learned from. Recurring dreams want to convey an important message to you. 

So, you should always be conscious of what your dreams are telling you. 

It may be telling you to conquer an old fear that has lived within you till today. It may be trying to tell you the way to overcome a big problem in your life. Or it may be trying to prevent you from committing mistakes that may trouble you in the future.

You don’t have to fear recurring dreams. You just have to be open, willing, and ready to decipher them to their core. And once you do that, recurring dreams would stop repeating themselves allowing you to move forward in life.

We need to see recurring dreams as opportunities and not as obstacles.

What Causes Dreams?

What Causes Dreams?
What Causes Dreams?

The most common question about dreams is ‘what causes dreams?’ 

Dreams are caused by us. They are not something random or sent by gods or our dead loved ones. It’s our perception of everything that gives rise to our dreams about them.

Understanding How Dreams Work

To understand the background of dreams, we have to understand the psychology of dreams. Dreams are strongly related to our sight and memory. 

So, to master the skill of understanding dreams, we have to first understand how our memory works.

We see many things with our eyes. Some intentionally, some accidentally. If we liked what we saw, it stays with us. But even if we get scared of what we saw, it will stay with us.

It depends on what affects us more. If we go to bed with scary thoughts in our heads, there is a high probability of we getting similar dreams. 

The Art of Getting Rid of Scary Dreams

Although indirectly, but our dreams are created by us.

To have a say in what we dream, we can choose what we see. But this is often difficult as there is a high chance of seeing things we don’t like. We cannot help it.

The second solution is that we rise above our fears. When we are not scared of something, it will not stick into our memory. We will stop getting scary dreams.

There is also a way to ‘not dream at all’ or dream only what we want to. This can be done by holding our memory a little loose. Loosen your grip over your identity and everything you want to remember. Live in the moment and not in your memories.

Relation Between Dream, Memory & Fear

When we develop some distance between ourselves and our memory, we develop control over our dreams. 

Fear lives only in the mind and not in the present moment. When we  loosen the grip over our memory, we enter the present moment in its truest sense. We will either get good dreams from the present or we will not remember our dreams at all. 

This will also help us start developing a totally ‘good memory’. It will re-wire our memory completely and prevent unwanted and bad memories from forming. 

Be The Generator of Your Dreams

So, to choose your dreams, either forget your fears or liberate yourself from your memory a little. To do this, we have to become extremely balanced and fully conscious. So, instead of wondering ‘where do dreams come from’ or ‘ Can you control your dreams ’, become the creator of your dreams!

When you master the skill of understanding dreams, you automatically become the creator of your dreams!

But there are also dreams which are not related to memory but want to tell you something. These are the next-level dreams. They start coming only when we have become the creator of our dreams. It’s a way of our subconscious trying to contact us.

We will decode this type when we deal with some common dreams.

Can You Control Your Dreams?

Can You Control Your Dreams?
Can You Control Dreams?

This question is already answered but only partially. We know that by conquering our fears or by not being too attached to our memory we can develop some grip over our dreams. 

But these ways would only help you avoid certain negative dreams. What if we want to dream positively about something specific? This means ‘can you control your dreams’ still needs to be answered.

Why Control Dreams?

But why should we control our dreams in the first place? Isn’t it better to let dreams come organically and give us important instructions? Yes, it is.

But having options is never a bad option. Moreover, leaving everything to nature isn’t wise. We need to create balance and get some control over our dreams and our lives. Why?

Importance of Dreams

Dreams have the power to create our reality. Dreams can show us more than what we can imagine with open eyes. This is because while sleeping we are at complete rest unlike when we are awake.

Dreams allow us to see beyond our fixed ways. They can help us achieve things that we can only dream of achieving! But to realize our dreams, we need to have some control over them.

Shouldn’t we have some control over the door to our destiny? The question is how can we control our dreams?

When seeing vivid dreams and remembering them are big challenges, controlling dreams has to be a challenge of the highest level.

Getting the dream of our choice is not very difficult. It’s a scientifically proven fact that we dream about the things we think about in the final 2 hours before going to sleep. 

How To Control Dreams?

To control a dream, we first need to know that we are in a dream, see the dream vividly, and be able to act according to our wishes in the dream. 

How do we know that we are in a dream? Dreams give us enough clues about us being in them. The question is whether we are conscious and alert enough to decode these clues. 

If we really want to master the skill of understanding dreams, we have to dive deep into our consciousness.

To do so, we first need to be at complete ease both mentally and physically. When our mind is alert, it is focussed even in sleep. This calmness of mind lets us see, recognize & differentiate things in our dreams as well as we do in reality. 

When we are at peace from within, we will get extremely lucid dreams. Lucid dreams remove the barriers between dreams and reality. It provides you a ground to create your reality through your dreams. It’s like making your dreams a part of your real-life or extending the horizons of your reality to include your dreams in it.

This is how you utilize your dreams to create your reality.

Now let’s move-on to see what some of the most common dreams mean.

What Do Dreams Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What Do Dreams Mean When You Dream About Someone?
What Do Dreams Mean When You Dream About Someone?

One of the most common dreams is when you see some stranger, relative, or enemy in it. You don’t know why you saw them because they have not been in contact with you lately. Some people see dead people in their dreams. 

What do dreams mean when we dream about someone?

Interpreting ‘Stranger’ Dreams

When you see a stranger in your dream it means you are not in the best of times in life. You are craving for a complete change of environment and the people around you. 

It is a way of your mind to tell you that you need to take some time off. Maybe you can go for a vacation to cool yourself off a bit.

When you see an acquaintance in your dream who you don’t know much, it can mean two things. 

Either there is something peculiar or strange about that person and you want to know more about them. Or maybe you are just a curious person by nature who has a thirst for knowledge & understanding. 

Interpreting ‘Relative’ Dreams

When you see a relative whom you haven’t met lately, it means you are worried about them or are missing them badly. 

Dreams don’t lie. You should give them a call or meet them in person. Our inner knower knows when to contact whom.

Interpreting ‘Enemy’ Dreams

Seeing an enemy in our dreams means that we sense a threat in life, either from the enemy himself or from some other source.

This threat can be anything like an economic, social, personal, or even a threat to your life itself. You should consider thinking about the things that you feel are going wrong in your life and taking some time off to set them in order. 

Dreams about spiders or dreams about snakes are also common and mean almost the same thing as dreams with enemies.

Spiders & snakes signify the threat of getting ‘bitten’ or ‘poisoned’ by someone or something. Spiders’-Web or snake-coils symbolize being caught up in some deep problem in life.

But remember, it doesn’t matter how bad the dream is. What matters is how determined you are to avoid it or to use it in your favor.

If we are observing, learning & improving kind of a person, we will learn something even out of our bad dreams.

What Do Bad Dreams Mean?

Sometimes, people also ask me, what do bad dreams mean? I tell them that bad dreams tell you what you allow them to tell you. 

First of all, if you don’t think anything as bad, bad dreams would go out of the window. There are only situations in life. If we can deal with them, they are good for us. But if we can’t, they become bad for us.

Dreams happen in our minds. Even if they may become a reality, they still haven’t. So, if we can’t handle a dream, we have not learned to use our minds to our benefit.

Secondly, even if you get bad dreams, choose to take them positively. If you get a dream of losing your job, start being more sincere at work. Or you can also start looking for a better opportunity or starting your own new business.

Sometimes, we want to change our lives and we are reminded of it through our dreams. This is yet another reason why we need to master the skill of understanding dreams.

What Do Dreams Mean When We Dream About Losing Teeth?

What Do Dreams Mean When We Dream About Losing Teeth?
What Do Dreams Mean When We Dream About Losing Teeth?

Dreams about losing teeth have straight-forward two meanings. 

The first one is concerned with survival. Teeth help us eat our food. We need teeth to satisfy our hunger and survive. 

Teeth falling out dream may mean that you are concerned about your survival. This may be due to a shortage of money, food, or loss of appetite. 

Losing teeth in dreams may also mean the sense and fear of aging in your mind. People fear old-age, weakness, and loneliness which gives them such dreams.

You can counter the fear of aging by working-out regularly and staying physically fit. A fit body also keeps the mind fit and prevents such dreams symbolizing aging. 

Do Dogs Dream?

Do Dogs Dream?
Do Dogs Dream?

People are also curious to know whether animals dream. To be specific, do dogs dream? And if yes, then what do dogs dream about?

Every brain has the capability of dreaming. The difference is only in the level and intensity of these dreams. 

Humans are more evolved than any animal which makes them capable of seeing more vivid and dreams of better quality.

According to animal experts, animals like dogs on the other hand are capable of seeing hazy dreams about the things they love the most like their owners & food.

It’s both strange & funny how animals dream only of the things they have but humans mostly dream of the things they don’t have. 

Conclusion: Turn Dreams into Reality!

People keep thinking, ‘do dreams come true’ without making an effort to understand the relevance or background of their dreams. 

If we invest some time in understanding our dreams and interpreting them correctly, we can use them to create the future of our dreams. 

So, next time when you lie in your bed and close your eyes to let the horses of your imagination loose, don’t just sleep but be prepared to see, create, and turn your dreams into reality to become successful in life. 

To sum it all up, you consciously have to master the skill of understanding dreams for making your life a success!

Turn Dreams into Reality!
Turn Dreams into Reality!


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