Is our brain our enemy?

Is our brain our enemy?

Is Our Brain Our Enemy?


Almost everyone in the present times is stressed out. People are anxious about anything and everything nowadays! If students have to give an exam, they are stressed out. If a job seeker goes for an interview, he feels stressed. People who are working and earning well are stressed about the nature and quantum of work they have to handle. People who are rich are stressed out regarding how to invest their money so that it grows faster. The situation has become so grim that people are stressed out even while playing or watching any sport! What do you think is the reason? All the negative things are generally blamed on the human mind. It is believed that the mind is always against us. Whatever we want to do, it always tries to trick us and take us in the opposite direction. So, is our mind really our enemy??


Brain is An Asset Without Doubt


Of course not! Our physical and mental systems are made to support us and not to stand against us. Our mind is also always in our favor and is working hard to make us successful. But it is unfortunately misunderstood! So, why does the mind function the way it does? The most general complaint against the human mind is that it gives you negative thoughts in the most important times like in our exam or in a job interview. Whenever we say that, “We can do it”, it says you can’t! Actually, our mind always wants to give us a sure way to succeed, hence it wants you to take into account the worst possibility in a given situation and prepare accordingly. When you have an exam the other day and you have prepared to a level where you may get 60 marks, you tend to get the feeling that you have studied enough to get 90. This is why when you tell yourself that you will get 90, your mind says you can’t. It is just trying to show you the reality so that you work sufficiently to fulfill your goals. See, when you are over-optimistic, you need ‘negativity’ in order to know the truth! The argument here will be that, even when you have studied enough to get 90 marks, your mind says that you might not be enough. This is because it wants to make sure that you do! The reality is that you don’t know whether the paper is going to be tough or easy, whether you will remember things in the examination hall or not, etc. So, the mind wants you to keep working till the goal is actually achieved! If you are guaranteed everything in your life, would you work your heart out to achieve anything? When you are aware of the realities, it makes you better equipped to succeed. Your mind wants you to take an informed decision which is based not only on part-reality and ‘positivity’!


Utilize Your Brain


But unfortunately, whenever your mind wants you to see the reality, you think it’s giving you negative thoughts! To accept our mind and its thoughts, we need to become more real and should stop being biased. We should be able to see things just the way they are instead of what we want them to be. When you understand your mind and the way it functions, you would not get stressed by the thoughts it generates. Instead, you would become smarter and wiser! Brain is the biggest gift to the mankind which makes you different from all the other organisms. If you can understand it and use it well it can propel you, but if you misunderstand it, you will be the only one to be blamed for your failures! So, stop resisting your mind and start understanding it because it’s YOUR mind!

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