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Is Anger Good or Bad

Is Anger Good Or Bad

Anger is a natural emotion that every human being goes through whether on a regular basis or occasionally. People burst out on others or on their own selves for many reasons. But when they come out of it, they feel guilty or bad for letting their emotions get the better of them and for scolding others while they were angry. So, is anger bad or good? Should people abandon it completely? Will giving up anger make your life peaceful? And is it even possible to give-up anger completely?


Anger Causes Harm

Various studies and experiments have confirmed that anger is bad for your system. When you are angry, many harmful chemicals are released by your body into your system which damages it. So, anger is not only bad for the people who are around you when you are angry, it is bad for you the most! Hence, anger causes destruction in both the inside and outside world of yours!


Advantages of Anger

 But nature has not made anything that only has benefits or repercussions. Anger is useful and needed in many situations. It should not be a regular part of your lifestyle, but nature itself proves that anger is needed in certain situations. When the nature causes ‘natural’ disasters like Tsunami, floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc. it is nothing but nature’s anger. This anger of Mother Nature tells humans to amend their ways of living on Earth, else Nature’s anger might increase in frequency in future. Of course, if the frequency of nature’s anger increases, Earth as a planet might come to an end someday but it shows that there is an equal and opposite reaction for everything. If nature doesn’t show its anger, humans would continue to harm nature by cutting down trees and releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere even more. Hence, nature’s anger is quite useful in letting us know the earth’s capacity and our limits of exploitation of it. Nature’s anger is definitely bad for us as it causes a lot of destruction but it is required to protect the planet in the long-term and maintain the necessary ecological balance. 


Managing Anger

Hence, you should also be quite organic in your approach just like Nature. You should try to avoid getting angry everyday and for every little reason. You should try to look for other subtler alternatives to anger like doing meditation which would calm you down. On the outer side, you should try to  discuss and build consensus with people in various matters instead of having heated arguments with them. But when it becomes inevitable and beyond your ability, you have to use anger as a weapon to liberate yourself. But remember that anger is the last alternative everywhere and it should serve the purpose it was intended to. Also, anger doesn’t mean that you burst out on yourself or others. Anger increases the intensity of energy that you generate within your system. So, this energy should be generated and channelled well towards your fulfilling aspirations without harming others. For example, if one is suffering from depression, anger is the best tool to come out of it as depression is basically a lack of intensity and energy within the system. But when you come out of it, anger should be given up. Anger in this case is just like a push-start to your system or the thrust which is needed to lift-off an airplane into the sky. Similarly, if you want to achieve something in your life but you are failing at it again and again, anger can be used as a tool to achieve it by channelizing it correctly. But we have to remember that anger is also like a nuclear bomb in everyone’s hand. It can be misused to cause a great deal of destruction and havoc in our societies. Everything Nature has given us have to be used in the service of mankind and not for its destruction. So, you should be aware of the responsibilities you have as the owner of your anger!


Where Should Anger Be Avoided?

There are various situations where anger should be avoided. You should not use your anger to cause harm to anyone. You should not use it to take revenge. You should not use it to cause violence and destruction. Remember that using your anger for all these purposes will cause harm to you more than to anyone else, both internally and externally! Anger should only be a need, not a luxury! Also, anger should not be used as an alternative to incapacity or cowardice. It should not be the case that if you are not able to crack an exam, you become vengeful towards the society and its institutions. This would make you more incapable. Your anger should always be directed in a positive direction and for the benefit of you and the society as a whole. When a child is mischievous and naughty, his/her parents get angry and scold him. These scoldings play a great part in making him a great man years later when he becomes an asset to the society. 


Balance Anger 

Boiling inside but not getting angry because it is ‘wrong’ is not the answer. But getting so angry that it destroys you and the people around you is not the answer either. Anger should be in adequate frequency and proportion and in the right direction. This right level of anger will be there in you if you be natural. Because when we are natural we do everything in the right amount just like Mother Nature!  When anger comes out naturally in the right amount, the guilt also won’t occur because the guilt part had come in the picture only because of your inability to manage your anger better. Also, cowardice should not be the reason for your anger or your no-anger! Anger should only be used to liberate yourself from inaction and inability!

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