Husband takes everything as criticism

Husband Takes Everything As Criticism? The 3-Step Perfect Response!


Wondering why your husband takes everything as criticism?

Well, when you get married, initially, everything feels like heaven. You think you are madly in love with your partner, that he is the perfect person for you, and that you are the best possible couple in the world. But as soon as the honeymoon period starts getting over, everything, including your partner, starts changing. You start wondering what went wrong and how to make things the way they were. 

There are many possible reasons why things go wrong in a marriage. One of the reasons for it is mutual misunderstandings. One of these misunderstandings may be that your partner may start taking everything you say or do, as criticism. In this blog, it would the husband. We will see the issue from all possible angles, and try to find practical solutions to the situation. 

Let’s begin by looking at what criticism actually means.

Meaning of Criticism

Husband Takes Everything As Criticism
Meaning of Criticism

Criticism may have different meanings for different people. It has three forms.


Your husband takes everything as criticism may be because you are unsupportive of him.

When your husband says you are critical of him, he may mean that you are not supportive enough towards him. Supportive in what sense? You may not be supportive of his ideas, opinions, or decisions regarding various things. He may also mean that you are not supportive of him in front of others. Or he may want you more supportive of him in what he wants to do in life. 


Your husband takes everything as criticism may be because you question him a lot.

Questions are healthy. They keep your intelligence active and running. But not everybody likes them. They may see them as time-consuming obstacles in their paths to success. So, when you question your husband to give him a more diverse perspective, he may take all your questions as criticism. 


Your husband takes everything as criticism may be because you disagree with him more than you should.

This is the strongest form of criticism, at least in relationships. When you tell your husband your own point of view on something, which may be different from his opinion, he might take it as criticism. Disagreements are generally taken as criticisms as they are followed by advice on alternative ways to the original method. Hence, the owner of that original idea feels as if it is being criticized.

Why Your Husband Takes Everything As Criticism

Husband Takes Everything As Criticism
Why Your Husband Takes Everything As Criticism

If your husband thinks you are critical of him, there are three possibilities why he feels so.

You Are A Critical Person 

Your husband takes everything as criticism may be because you are a critical person.

If your husband complains about your criticisms and you feel bad about it, it doesn’t mean he is wrong and you are right. You need to check if his words have any substance. 

How do you check if you criticize your husband? 

Do You Compliment Him?

See whether you appreciate him and his efforts often. Whether what you say brings a smile on his face or it makes his face long.

Do You Soothe Him?

Next, check whether you question his ideas, intentions, or work too aggressively. And even if you do so, what do you do afterward. Do you provide him with the necessary answers to those questions? Or do you tell him that you believe in him and his abilities? 

Do You Disagree With Him A Lot?

And last, do you disagree with him a lot, just to prove your point and that you are better than him? In short, is your disagreement, constructive or confusing & limiting for your husband?

Specific Related Challenges:

My husband misinterprets everything I say

It’s possible that you are not a critical person but your husband misinterprets what you say. But it may also happen that you are a critical person, but you think your husband misinterprets you. Whatever the case, it needs to be cleared. 

If your husband is misinterpreting you, sit down with him, talk to him very frankly about it, and tell him you don’t mean what he feels you are saying. Make your clear and understood and your husband would stop misconstruing your words.

But if you are the one who is being critical then there is no better way than to work on your attitude and communication skills. It’s difficult to see the negatives in your own self. Thus, make it a habit of seeking self-improvement constantly. 

My husband corrects everything I say

If your husband corrects you, it’s a good thing. You are easily getting to know your mistakes and the areas you need to work upon. Take it positively if you really want to improve and change things for the better. 

It may seem overwhelming at first, but take it slow, work on things one by one and not all at once. 

You will get signs of improvement from your husband. He would stop correcting you and start sharing things and taking advice from you.

My husband always shoots down my ideas

Blaming your husband for what is happening with you is not going to help. Take it as a challenge and keep improving the quality and variety of ideas you propose. 

Ensure that you don’t sound trying to be better than him. Raise your ideas in a natural, friendly, and genuine fashion. Show that you want to help him out and not compete with him. 

The moment these ideas click with your husband, he would not only adopt them but give you the due recognition for them.

My husband gets defensive when I ask questions

When your husband gets defensive in front of your questions, it may mean three things. 

Either, he knows what he is doing and doesn’t want you to interfere. So, give him some space and time and step in at the right moment, if need be. 

Next, he may be trying to develop his thought process or path regarding something and doesn’t want anyone to interrupt. Let him find his own way out of things. If he needs you, he will ask you. 

And last, maybe his trust in you has started dipping. If it is so, stand by his side, show your concern for him but do not tell him what to do. Show a general concern for his well-being and things that matter to him. Gradually, you would regain his trust and affection.

My husband gets angry when I ask questions

Questions are healthy as they let you dig deeper into yourself and hence improve constantly. 

If your husband doesn’t like questions or doesn’t want to be questioned, then it’s not your fault. 

If he gets angry at you for asking any kind of questions, he is into even more trouble. You should consider getting him professional help to control his anger. 

It’s because the right questions need to be answered to know the correct path and strengthen your relationship. For example, you should be able to discuss questions regarding your future as a couple with your husband. 

But if you ask the wrong questions that irritate, pinch, or trouble him, then you need to drop them. 

Every question has a correct time and place attached to them. Let that time come and he would answer them voluntarily. 

He gets mad when I ask him simple questions

If your husband gets mad at you for asking simple questions related to day-to-day life, the problem is graver than you think. 

Either he is a troubled personality. Get him psychological help to come out of it.  

Or he is going through a lot of hassles and difficulties. Help him out and ensure your support and love. 

Or he has a lot of grudges against you inside him. Take him into confidence, and make him believe that you want to improve. Ask for a chance to prove your intentions and promise.

How long will he stay mad at me?

If your husband is mad at you, it won’t solve itself. 

On the contrary, if you don’t take immediate action, the grudges may accumulate over time. 

Hence, the degree or intensity of madness depends on the amount of effort you make to resolve the underlying issues. 

To remove the grudges, either, bring them out yourself or by asking your husband. If they seem genuine, work to remove them. 

If they don’t, discuss them with your husband and work on them as a couple who wants better things from life.

I can t be myself around my husband

If you feel you can’t be yourself around your husband, it may mean three things. 

First, either you are doing things only to fit into your husband’s good books. 

You actually don’t want to do those things or be that way. This is injustice and torture to yourself, so stop doing things forcefully. 

Second, you fear your husband might get angry or unhappy with you for not doing what he wants you to do. He has not asked or forced you to do anything. Hence, this is your mistake. 

Changing who you are for praise or because of fear is not a wise thing to do. It is bound to give stress and sadness. 

And third, your husband is forcing you into following what he believes is the right thing to do. 

Marriage happens between two people. There should be two sets of minds, thoughts, ideas & opinions and both should be able to co-exist in harmony. 

If they don’t, you should try creating it by asking for understanding and support from your partner. 

If it doesn’t come, you are better off alone rather than being trapped in a one-sided relationship.

My husband makes me feel bad about myself

We create our lives from within ourselves. The way we feel is the way we build our lives. Hence, it’s the most basic thing if you are to live an energetic, cheerful, and vibrant life. 

If your husband is making you feel bad about yourself, you need to take some steps. Let him know about the issue and that it is bothering you to your core. 

His intention & response would be the key here. If he is not willing to change, you should part ways straightaway. 

If he understands the issue and wants to make the marriage work, give him some time to show some improvement. And when he starts improving, take things forward thereon one step at a time.

My husband always wants me to agree with him

Although it’s not a healthy habit, you can try doing it. If your husband brings positive results for himself, you, and the family as a whole, it’s okay. 

But if things don’t pan out well, you don’t have to agree with him anymore. You can provide your own ideas, concerns, and solutions to make things better. 

Moreover, if you give your husband a chance, he will and should give you that opportunity too. If your ideas fail as well, you can then start working unitedly to achieve your common goals.

My husband gets angry if I disagree with him

If your husband wants only his ideas and opinions to be followed, irrespective of the results and the sufferings it brings to you, you need not follow it blindly. 

You need to tell him that his anger has no relevance and that you need to set things right howsoever you can. Remind him that you are a family and one person’s opinion won’t serve the best output for the family as a whole. 

Things need to be customized and made suitable for everybody in the family. Tell him that you want to share an equal share of your responsibilities in the family’s fortunes and bring positive results. 

My husband disagrees with everything I say 

Extremes are never good. If your husband is not 100% right, so aren’t you. But disagreeing with everything you have to say is just lame. 

He should give importance to what you say, feel, or want to do. And he should understand this. If he doesn’t, you don’t need to feel disheartened or under-confident. 

Go your own way and build your own thinking, ideas, and paths. 

And when they bring positive results, your husband would understand and respect what you say.

If you criticize your husband, you need to stop doing that mistake right away.

Why am I so critical of my husband?

Nobody likes or wants to be critical of their partners. It just happens unintentionally. But when you are, it may have some underlying causes. 

First, maybe you are a critical person in general in life. Your difficult past may have made you such a person. 

Second, maybe you want your husband to do well so bad that you actually start putting undue pressure on him. 

And third, it may be a reciprocation mechanism from your side. You are critical of your husband because he behaves the same way with you.

Is criticism healthy in a relationship?

It depends. For anyone to grow, challenges are needed. 

So, when things are going well in a relationship, you need criticism to keep improving and bettering yourself to strengthen the relationship. 

But if the relationship is already going through some tough times, criticisms can be disastrous. 

The simple rule is to not rock the boat too much and create challenges only to the extent you can manage them.

What does constant criticism do to a person?

If a person constantly keeps criticizing others, it makes him a negative person. 

His thoughts, feelings, and actions, start manifesting negativity. 

This makes his life and relationships progressively difficult to handle and maintain. 

The person constantly facing criticism starts losing confidence, hope, and energy. 

He slowly slips into loneliness, depression, and ill health. His very life gets threatened by constant criticisms. 

Thus, constant criticisms are not good for anyone and there should also be room for support, love, and appreciation.

The second possible reason why your husband thinks you are critical of him is the pressure he is going through in life. 

Pressure is Getting The Better of Him

Your husband takes everything as criticism may be because he is feeling too much pressure.

Marriage is a big commitment & responsibility. It’s a huge change in one’s life dynamics. All of a sudden, you have an added responsibility of another person and so many related things. And it only keeps increasing with time. 

If you are not a woman who criticizes her husband, then probably, the pressure of added responsibilities is getting to your husband. It may be mental or physical. 

He is either not able to organize his limitless thoughts which is keeping him stressed. Or he is finding it difficult to make ends meet or make things work to stay afloat professionally or otherwise. 

Specific Related Challenges:

My partner takes everything personally

Your husband may be the person who takes even general things personally. 

This can go either way. 

If he is a positive person, he would take things personally in a positive way and hence improve. 

Or he may have gotten negative due to various reasons and would have started taking things personally in a negative way which is harming him and you. 

This may also happen due to a strong sense of individuality in his mind. 

You cannot remove this feeling. It would only grow with time. 

What you can do is to open up his mind to include yourself in his individuality. Make him feel that you are a part of him. Talk to him lovingly, show that you care for him, and do things for him that he thinks are special. 

Slowly, he would start seeing you as a part of himself and would stop taking things personally. 

My husband is offended by everything I say Or My husband always thinks I’m attacking him

When everything you say is offending your husband, it’s better to stay mum for some time. 

Show your love only through your actions. Silence has the power to turn stones into wax. When you are silent, he would miss talking to you. 

Forgetting his own problems, he would start wondering what has happened to you. 

His curiosity would lead him into talking to you. And when he is dying to talk to you, he cannot get offended but can only feel obliged & happy.

Why does my husband argue with everything I say?

Arguments point to the fact that one is not able to reach decisions, conclusions, and results. 

If he is going through professional troubles, he would argue regarding a variety of things with everyone including you. 

A man needs expression, acceptance, and recognition for his work. It’s his biggest satisfaction. 

But when things feel blocked or unmoving, he manifests it in everything else that he does. 

So, don’t take it personally, give him some time, space, and support, and he will get normal quicker. 

Why does my husband get angry over small things?

“Small” is a very subjective thing. 

For you, it may be small but for your husband, it may be a very big thing. 

The solution is opening up to what your husband feels. Give importance to the things he feels are important. 

Doing this would give you multiple benefits. 

First, it would give your husband the message that you care for his feelings. 

Second, it would improve you as a person outside of what you think is an improvement. This will make you grow exponentially. 

And third, it would make your husband do the same thing for you. He will do things that you value and feel important. 

Hence, it would break the wall between you two completely and would take your relationship to a completely new level. 

My partners negativity is draining me

The negativity of husbands may be really troublesome for the wives. 

It’s because men are created in a way by nature that makes them want to conquer the world. And in the process, attract a lot of stress & negativity. 

On the other hand, women are more peace-loving, calm, and happiness-seeking personalities. 

When men and women start living together, men benefit from the stability women provide (often called ‘Lady Luck’), but it may be really challenging for women who have to deal with the negativity men entertain within themselves. 

To get past it, it’s very important for women to first not relate to the negativity and maintain their original nature. 

When they are themselves, they would not only handle negativity much better but bring it to an end for their husbands too. 

When your husband makes you cry

Husbands may be mean sometimes without having the intention to be so. 

They may say or do things that will hurt their wives. It may bring tears to their eyes. 

What can be done? 

Well, you should not focus on the things that are not under your control

What your husband says isn’t under your control but what you think, feel, and do are very much at your discretion. 

You just have to learn to detach from hurtful things your husband says or does. 

You have to show maturity in your conduct so that you not only control your own tears but also make your husband a bit more sensitive towards your feelings. 

Remember, crying won’t solve things. It will only complicate them by making you weak when you have to get stronger and freer.  

How do you survive a constant criticism?

When we are going through a ‘purple patch’, we either ignore criticisms altogether or take them as challenges and come out to be an improved version of ourselves. 

But when we have our backs to the wall, criticisms add to our agony and make life really difficult and miserable. 

Surviving criticisms isn’t difficult. You just have to practice meditativeness, i.e being able to maintain your calm. You have to keep your mind light and open so that criticisms pass through it without causing any damage to us, psychologically. 

But if we go by the saying – ‘attack is the best form of defense’, then you have to go a step further than staying meditative. 

You have to try and take the criticism positively. Think of it as something that wants you to improve. 

Once this becomes your mindset, criticisms won’t bother you, irrespective of what you are going through in life. 

The third reason why your husband thinks you criticize him is maybe his habit of bluffing. 

He is Bluffing

Your husband takes everything as criticism may be because he is trying to fool you.

Why would your husband lie about him being criticized by you? 

Your Husband Wants To Contain You

When he tells you that you criticize him a lot, he may be trying to “contain” you by confusing you. This strategy is often used by husbands to keep their wives’ complaining nature in check. When they blame you for something before you even do something, you would see to it that you don’t do that thing in the future. 

Your Husband Wants Space

Similarly, they may be doing it to ensure their freedom after getting married. Men crave freedom. They don’t want to be dictated their next course of action. And marriage is something that might put an end to that freedom. So, they resort to this kind of “adaptive mechanism” to stay free and unhindered. 

Your Husband Wants To Dominate You

Similarly, husbands may also complain about their wives being too critical of them to dominate them. If they say that they are being criticized, they get the license to do the same to their wives too. This helps them dominate the relationship by establishing themselves as the aggressor. 

Specific Related Challenges:

My husband thinks he knows everything Or My husband gets mad when I correct him

A man is expected to know everything, especially when he is in a profession or the head of a company or a family. 

So, he cannot afford to not know things. 

And sometimes when he may not be knowing a particular thing, he has to act as if he knows it so that he can find a solution. 

Until this point, he is not the culprit. 

His mistake is that he doesn’t want to include anyone in his thought process or decision-making, not even his wife. 

He needs to consider his wife an important part of his team where they can switch leadership roles when needed. 

He doesn’t need to take all the responsibilities and the associated pressure on his shoulders. 

Similarly, the wives also need not judge their husbands and understand their challenging situation. 

They need to give importance to what their husbands say so that the same is reciprocated back by their husbands. 

Together, you will be stronger, sharper, and more complete in dealing with various situations.  

He gets defensive when I tell him how I feel

A husband getting defensive when his wife talks about her feelings is common and sometimes normal. 

Women are spiritual, hence they give more importance to “invisible” sources of well-being like feelings, emotions, peace, etc. 

But men are material-minded, hence they give more importance to what they see over anything else. They get attracted to money, fame, power, and influence. 

Thus, when wives speak of their feelings, husbands try and avoid such talks. 

They consider it a waste of time. 

And even if they want to talk about feelings, they feel shy and confused about how to start and what to say. 

You need to be patient with your husband as it is a long and arduous process before he can talk about his feelings and listen to yours. 

Till then, keep trying to communicate your feelings to him whenever you get a chance to.

Husband defensive about everything 

How to deal with overreacting husband or a husband who gets defensive about everything?

If your husband is defensive about everything, he is a “closed” personality. 

A closed personality is different from an introvert. 

Introverts may open up to people close to them. 

But a closed personality won’t open up to anyone. He won’t tell you the truth about what he thinks or feels. 

This may be due to under-confidence and the fear of being judged by people. 

So, he keeps himself lonely in every possible aspect of life. 

What you need to do is to gain his trust which won’t be an easy task. Such people are the way they are, possibly because of the troubles or trauma they had to go through in their childhood. 

Understanding this, you have to behave in a manner that promotes comfort, peace, and trust-building. 

You have to provide an environment that opens him up to you and you become one with him mentally. 

When this happens, your husband would stop being defensive and start being expressive. 

Is he a coward? How to deal with a coward husband?

Cowardice doesn’t exclusively mean the inability to say or do something. It can have a much broader meaning. 

For example, the inability to accept something is also cowardice as the person shies from the mental or physical load that comes along with accepting something. 

A person is not a coward if he is willing to face the challenges that confront him, irrespective of whether he can establish victory over those challenges. 

So, if your husband is trying to run away or hide from something or someone, he may be a coward. 

If he criticizes you but blames you for criticizing him, he is a coward. 

But instead of blaming him for the way he is, you should be the bigger person and work on improving him. You should make him learn how to accept reality. 

Set examples for him by accepting your own mistakes and realities about yourself. 

Show him that there is no harm but advantages of acceptance. 

You can lead by example to turn your coward husband into a brave, responsible, and truthful one.  

My husband’s attitude is ruining our marriage

Attitude is everything, be it marriage or life. It’s the seed that lays the foundation of any marriage. 

A disastrous attitude in marriage is caring only about your own well-being, not taking responsibility for the family, and not considering one’s wife to be a part of yourself and your family. 

If this is the attitude of your husband, you need to do something immediately. 

Attitude cannot be changed only by telling someone what is right. 

Also, the biggest mistake people do while trying to change the attitude of their husbands is to criticize them or put pressure on them. 

Even if your husband criticizes you, you should be focused on changing his attitude and not getting involved in ugly arguments with him. 

Now, you can change your husband’s attitude in three ways. 

Talk to him politely about the ‘right attitude’ without making him feel you are pointing fingers at him. 

Give examples of people with the right attitude. This would silently absorb the right attitude into his mind. 

Although a slow process, it would work wonders in the long run. 

Second, make him meet, talk, and spend time with people with great attitude and commitment. It could be a family member, a friend, or someone admired by a large number of people in society. 

And third but the most important one, be someone yourself from whom he can learn the right attitude and conduct. 

You cannot put the whole responsibility of carrying the right attitude on your husband. 

Only when you show him the right way, will he follow you.

Effects of Husband Taking Everything As Criticism

Irrespective of the reasons, when your husband takes everything as criticism, it has severe negative effects on both of you and your relationship.

How It Affects Him

Let’s assume that your husband really feels that you criticize him a lot. How does it affect him?

It makes him skeptical. He is constantly thinking and manifesting negativity in his life. His doubts make him hollow from the inside and he is continuously falling into a web created by his own mind. Also, when he always thinks you are critical of him and his ways, his trust in you narrows down over time. And it starts making him lonely & sad.

How It Affects You

Initially, when you hear what you hear from your husband, you take it as an aberration. But with time you realize the criticality of the issue. 

You are not able to believe that your husband believes so. And you also get confused and worried about your own behavior. You start feeling anxious and over-conscious around your husband. 

You try everything to make amends, but nothing clicks. On the contrary, things keep worsening. And finally, you decide not to speak in front of him at all, until absolutely necessary. And this makes you sad & depressed.

What Constant Criticism Does To A Marriage?

When your husband develops misapprehensions, the relationship has nowhere to go but south. At best, you sit around each other quietly without any affectionate gestures or talks. And when the worst confronts you, there are arguments, fights, and blame games. The consequent trust issues in the relationship make things even more complex and worrisome. 

What To Do When Husband Takes Everything As Criticism

When you are trying to address your husband’s complaint about your criticisms, you need to work on three fronts. It doesn’t matter where the actual problem lies. When you work on all possible factors, one by one, the problem tends to resolve itself, slowly but surely and permanently. 

Let’s begin with the first one.

Improve Yourself

If your husband takes everything as criticism, try changing yourself for the better.

Change starts with you. If your husband thinks you criticize him, take a leap of faith and start working on yourself. Take the responsibility of improving yourself and strengthening your relationship, on your shoulders.

So, where to begin and what to do?

Watch What You Say

When you talk to your husband, pay close attention to what you say, how you say it, and the words you use while talking to him.

Search For Possible Mistakes

After observing your words, find the exact problem area(s) that is (are) giving your husband the impression of you criticizing him. 

You may be repeating the same wrong words again and again. Or you may have a tone problem that creates the misunderstanding.

Stop Talking

You cannot change your attitude, speech, or tone of speech, in a day. So, stop talking or talk only when necessary for a few days until you develop the necessary communication skills.

Replace Bad With Goods Words

During this time, remove the problematic words with more soothing or encouraging words which would give an opposite effect from before. 


Check whether the good words are working or not. If possible and needed, find better words and include them in your speech. Practice them over and over again to find consistency and perfection. 


When you find the perfect words and have practiced them enough, inculcate them in your speech to finally replace critical words with affectionate words or words filled with compliments, pride, and excellence. 

Challenges Involved

Changing yourself may be the biggest challenge one has to face. But when it is being done for the right reasons, it becomes easier. And there can’t be a bigger reason to soothe a loved one, strengthen your bond with him, and build a strong foundation for your family.

Shoulder His Responsibilities/Release The Pressure

If your husband takes everything as criticism, help him by reducing his workload.

The second thing that you need to do when your husband takes everything as criticism, is to share his burden or difficulties. 

Women are considered to be more intelligent than men. Hence, they are more capable when it comes to finding solutions or staying mentally tough. Rub some of it on your husband. 

Solve the mysteries his mind is going through. Provide him with the answers to the questions that are bothering his mind. Place positive and vibrant thoughts in front of his negative thoughts to let him see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Mental relaxation would bring down his stress levels immensely which will help him see things straight and clear. To add to his positivity, tell him how much you love him and believe in him and that you are always with him no matter what!

Thus, when your husband takes everything as criticism, you should understand his plight. You should release the pressure he is feeling in every possible way you can.

Challenges Involved

When you share the burden of others, you need to make sure that you are strong enough for it. If you are not, you may become an additional burden on others. Hence, you need to work on yourself to become and stay strong so that you can help your husband when he needs you the most.

Specific Related Challenge:

How to talk to my husband without him getting defensive?

How do you talk to someone who interprets everything as an attack?

To talk to your husband without him getting defensive, don’t start the conversation on the offensive. 

By offensive, I mean that don’t talk about the things he gets defensive about. 

Start by talking about things of his interest and what he enjoys talking about. 

And once his mood lights up and reaches its peak, talk about the “offensives” in a polite manner that won’t make him uncomfortable. 

Talk it in a manner of discussion instead of a confrontationist tone. 

This will bring together his good mood and the topic you wanted to discuss. 

It will ensure that your husband doesn’t get defensive and talks to you in a very relaxed, normal, and friendly way with an intention to sort out your issue. 

Keep Him “Balanced”

If your husband takes everything as criticism, you need to keep his attitude in check.

It’s a nice idea to improve yourself and give your husband the due recognition for his efforts but you also need to keep him balanced. It’s because if you put all your eggs in the same or only a few baskets, it may not work for you properly. You need to be aware of the fact that he might be bluffing or lying. So, you need to leash him too.

How to do this?

First of all, to do this, you need to know when he is bluffing and when he is being genuine. Keep a close watch on the ‘whole picture’ and you would be able to know when he is lying. And when you smell something wrong, do the following. 

Criticize Him

This is applying reverse psychology. When you don’t criticize him but he complains about it, do it. He would then get confused and worried, to finally mend his ways. He may try to trick you by portraying that his wife takes everything as criticism. But you should not get distracted by his ploy.

Catch Him Off Guard

When he complains about you criticizing him, tell him that you like doing it and that you won’t give it up. This is not the answer he would be expecting from you. He might be expecting you to become emotionally weak and fall into his trap. But once he sees that it’s going the wrong way, he would drop the strategy. 

Ignore His Complaints

Don’t pay any emphasis to his complaints when you know he is lying. On top of it, give some miffed facial gestures. When he realizes that it is not working, he would drop it naturally. 

Challenges Involved

When you try and keep him balanced, remember not to have a weak emotional quotient. If you feel you can’t do this to your husband, you should be willing to go through the difficulties he creates for you. Hence, it’s better to stay strong while you do something that is beneficial to you both in the long run.

Specific Related Challenge:

Why can’t I stay mad at him?

If your husband takes everything as criticism, you should also learn to stay mad. Sometimes, wives may need to stay or show that they are mad at their husbands. This may be done to keep them “balanced” or sensitive to wives’ feelings. 

But many wives find it difficult to stay mad at their husbands for which they have to pay a heavy price afterward. 

The problem is that they try too hard to stay mad at their husbands. They love their husbands too much that the opposite behavior is just not developed in them. 

The solution lies in doing it step by step

First, talk less with them which would increase your value in your husband’s head. 

It would also make you stronger individually and emotionally. 

Then, learn to raise your concerns, fears, and problems with your husband. 

And if they don’t pay heed to these problems of yours, then show your unhappiness or discontent. 

But remember not to overdo it, make it a habit, or use it for the wrong purposes. 

Your only purpose here is to make your husband a bit more sensitive towards your needs and concerns, and nothing else or it may ruin the relationship. 


If your husband takes everything as criticism, you need to take a holistic approach. One of the most important things to be noticed and kept in mind is that it’s not your fault. He will eventually learn how to not take things personally in a marriage. But till then, when your husband takes everything as criticism, you need to help him and not blame yourself.

Of course, you need to work on yourself whether or not it’s your fault. But you certainly need not take any blame or pressure. You don’t have to overdo or over-feel things and complicate them.  You have to stay calm so that you can solve the situation. Hence, when your husband takes everything as criticism, take the responsibility and not the pressure, and you shall turn the blame into an opportunity to get better things out of life.

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