How To Wake Up Early

How To Wake Up Early in The Morning Without An Alarm

How To Wake Up Early: An Introduction


If given an option, I don’t think there would be a person who won’t choose to wake up early in the morning. Even the so-called ‘Day-People’ would love it if they could rise before dawn. Even you who has achieved so much in broad-daylights is here to know how to wake up early! Why? Because deep within, you also know that ‘early birds’ reach the highest in the sky. So, you want to go back to the basics of sleeping right so that you can extract more from life. Like you, people do know that early mornings have things to offer that can kick-start their day like nothing else. But the problem is that just like you, they also don’t know how to get up early in the morning effortlessly.


This blog will give you the formula to get up at cockcrow regularly. It will provide you a choice and the hope to transform your life by correcting your sleep schedule. You will be pleasantly surprised and thrilled to know what you can achieve by waking up before sunrise. Before I tell you how to come out of bed timely, let’s first see why we should be doing that.


Benefits of Waking Up Early


So, what are the benefits of knowing exactly how to wake up early and doing it every day? There are many and fundamental ones. 


Boost To Confidence

wake up early from sleep
How To Wake Up Early

First of all, waking up at the right time is a signal to yourself that says you want to improve your lifestyle. It shows that you are willing to dive deep into the basics to set things right in life. And this newly-boosted confidence will percolate to every other area of your life hence improving your quality of life.

A Peaceful Day

wake up early without an alarm
How To Wake Up Early



The second benefit of being an early bird is that your day starts in absolute peace & silence and can now extend to the whole day. According to Yogic Sciences and many prominent yogis, the time between 3.40 a.m – 4.00 a.m. is the best time to wake up. During this period, our body is in its most peaceful state. And upon waking up during this period, this calmness can be carried by us throughout the day. It enhances your efficiency enormously in all your activities hence giving you rich outcomes.


Extra Time


Waking up early also gives you more time to work within the day. This extra time can help you to judiciously add some new or important things to your daily routine like yoga or jogging. It would also improve the quality of existing activity in your daily regime. This extra time also reduces the amount of pressure & stress you have to go through during the day trying to accomplish things. It helps you fulfill your professional & personal obligations without minimal fuss & maximum pleasure.


Your Perfect Daily Routine


Another advantage of figuring out how to wake up early is getting the opportunity to build your perfect daily routine. You might have been struggling to follow a healthy regimen for yourself for months. But as soon as you start waking up early, you realize it has been so easy all this while. The only ingredient missing from making a perfect daily routine was a great start to your day. And once you start waking up at the right time, you can accommodate anything in your day’s plan to make any day a perfect day!


How To Wake Up Early?

How To Wake Up Early
How To Wake Up Early

But to wake up early and to build your perfect routine, you have to do certain things. The preparation for a better tomorrow needs to start today. So, to wake up early the next day, you have to start preparing today. These preparations relate to the food you eat during the day, the time to go to bed at night, your thoughts & feelings just before you go to bed, and your mindset before you go to sleep. Let’s begin with your food!


Healthy Food Habits To Wake Up Early

How To Wake Up Early
How To Wake Up Early



Your food habits are very closely attached to your sleeping routine. They affect your mind & body hence deciding how much sleep you need and when you will get up in the morning. So, we have to be conscious of what we eat, when we eat, how much we eat, and how we eat our food.


What To Eat? 

What do we eat today that makes it easier for us to wake up early tomorrow? Well, a single day’s food won’t have too much impact on our sleep patterns. If we have eaten non-nutritious food throughout our life, eating nutritious food one day won’t have too much effect. But we need to start somewhere so that our mind & body start getting stronger & sharper. Moreover, eating right one day can be a morale booster that can help you determine how to wake up early the next day.


We should eat light, nutritious & fresh food and avoid consuming fried, heavy and junk food especially after evening. If you go to sleep with a loaded body or mind, you cannot get up when you should. Junk & other heavy food slow down your digestion hence making it more difficult. Due to this, your body needs complete rest to support your digestive process. It increases your sleep quota abnormally. And if you make too much effort to wake up early and stay up somehow, it will make you sick. So, choose fresher, more nutritious, and easily digestible food over meat, processed, and other junk foods.


When To Eat? 

When to eat is equally, if not more, important than what to eat when you are trying to discover how to wake up early. Some people say that we should eat only once in the morning. Although it’s preferable to do so, it’s also pretty tough to do when you have so much work to do and when you have to eat light. So, you can go with your usual eating schedule of 3 meals a day. The timing of the last meal is the most important. 


It’s preferable to eat your last meal before twilight. After twilight, your body starts shutting down for the day. As a result, every physical process starts slowing down that includes your digestion. But you can still eat after that as you are eating light & fresh food. But never eat your dinner just before going to bed. You should eat at least 2-3 hours before going to sleep. It enables your body to stay light at the time of waking up before the sun shines.


How Much To Eat?  

When you are eating fresh, light & nutritious food, it doesn’t mean you can eat it in any quantity. You still have to eat the right amount. Consuming more than required defeats the whole idea of ‘eating light’ and makes it difficult to wake at the earliest in the morning. When you give up all the junk, fried & heavy food, your mind may ask for heavier meals. But do not give up! 


You have to train your mind to start listening to your body. The body gives you enough signals when to stop eating. You can be a little off the mark but never too much. Eating in the right amounts goes a long way in helping your body find out how to wake up early with ease.


How To Eat? 

The manner of your food intake also matters a lot. It is a highly ignored aspect of healthy food habits which affects your ability to get up early. People may be doing everything right with their food, but if they are not eating it the right way, they will be unable to figure out how to wake up early. To eat the right way, you need to take care of two things: Posture & Speed while eating. 


Your posture needs to be upright with your spine straight while you are seated. A wrong posture affects the quality & effectiveness of your food inside your body. To be precise, it backfires. Loosely speaking, your laziness while eating makes your food lazy inside your body. It changes character and takes more time to get digested. It is not favorable for waking up on schedule. 


Similarly, the speed with which you eat also affects your aspirations to wake up with the birds. When you eat very fast, you tend to eat more than you should. Eating fast is also a sign of anxiety which is not ideal for your sleep patterns and schedules. You should eat your food at a decent speed that lets you know how much is enough for your body. 


Changing your food habits is a difficult thing to do. But once you have succeeded at correcting it, you have done more than half of the job. And it will make the rest of the job much easier. You are nearly in control and well on your way to figure out how to wake up early. So, let’s move ahead from food habits to the right way to sleep. 


How To Sleep Right To Wake Up Early

How To Wake Up Early
How To Wake Up Early



Having finished the first homework on eating right, we now come to the next one of sleeping right. So, we are inching closer to our goal of finding out how to wake up early. People seldom realize the importance of sleeping right. They focus on getting up early instead. But without sleeping the right way, you cannot get up without getting late. Sleeping the right way is the basis of getting up at the right time in the morning. It has three essential components. These are : 

  1. The right time to sleep, 
  2. Decent sleep environment,
  3. An appropriate mindset before going to bed.


What Is The Right Time To Sleep?  


We need to make an assumption here, which is that you don’t sleep during the day. Neither the human brain nor the human body needs sleep during the day. The daytime is to be active in our best capacity. It plays a pivotal role in sleeping at the right time at night and waking up at the right moment in the morning. So, unless you are sick, sleeping during the day is not advisable. 


The perfect time to go to bed is 1-2 hours after dusk. It is also the correct time to help yourself rise before sunrise. But you can also customize the timing of your sleep a little bit. The crucial thing to note here is that initially, you have to keep the number of sleep hours the same as in your previous sleeping routine. So, if you used to sleep 9 hours a day, you have to go to sleep at 7.00 p.m. to get up at 4.a.m. Doing this will give you a smooth transition to becoming an ‘early bird’ without an alarm. Gradually, you can decrease the duration of your sleep to suit your body’s needs. 


But remember never to under-sleep yourself forcefully to get up early. It will create friction sooner or later and will never let you become a stable & organic early-riser. To make matters worse, it may make you ill. So, customize & time your sleep to perfection to ascertain how to wake up early for yourself.


What is The Right Sleep Environment? 


An equally important factor related to your sleep is the right sleep environment. Even if you sleep at the right time and for the optimum duration but forget this factor, your dream to realise how to wake up early may never come true. It consists of two essential parts :


  1. Internal Sleep Environment is related to your thoughts, feelings & emotions before going to bed.
  2. External Sleep Environment is concerned with the amount of external noise/peace around you while sleeping.


Internal Sleep Environment is very significant if you want to wake up early. If your mind is anxious or stressed about something, it will require more rest hence extra sleep hours. If it is scared of something you have to do tomorrow, it will make you sleep more to avoid it. And if you feel sad or depressed, it will make you sleep for even longer hours. So, you have to provide a soothing internal sleep environment so that you succeed in waking up before daylight the next day.


Things to be done for a peaceful internal environment for sleep:

  1. Talk out your anxiety with your family members.
  2. Prepare well for the next day to avoid any scares.
  3. Watch a comedy or a feel-good movie with the family.
  4. Listen to some cheerful music.
  5. Read a few pages of your favorite novel before going to bed.
  6. Listen to some motivational songs, speeches, or talks.
  7. Breathe deeply to induce a soothing & relaxing sleep.
  8. Do meditation to calm your mind.
  9. Get a good massage to relax your muscles.
  10. Get a relaxing head massage to induce sleep.


But creating the perfect internal sleep environment may not be enough. It can get disrupted by an irritating external sleep environment. Loud noise or too much light in your surroundings may reduce the quality of your sleep. Thus, it will stand in your way to sleeping optimally and finding out how to wake up early.


So, you need to ensure that you sleep in a room that is conducive to sleeping well. It should have minimal or no sound and light. Doing this will enhance the restfulness you experience during sleep. Also, it will prepare you to wake up fresh and at the right time in the morning. 


You may feel at this point that we have covered everything that we need to do to wake up early. But there is an essential caveat still left which can throw off our plans of rising early. It is our mindset just before we go to bed.



What is The Right Mindset To Get Up Early?


When we want to wake up early the next day, what should be our mindset before we go to bed? Many people plan about what they will do when they wake up early. They have the whole day’s plan ready on a piece of paper. But this is not advisable as our complete focus when we go to bed needs to fall on waking up early in the morning and nothing else. 


When we plan too many things too early, it adds a lot of pressure and stress to our minds. Seeing the heavyweight of our big & multiple plans, we subconsciously decide not to wake up at all. So, our full energies need to be concentrated first on waking up early. Upon waking up, we can plan our day according to our mood, needs & requirements.


Even the goal of waking up before dawn should only be at the back of your mind. The front of your mind should be empty and as relaxed as possible. Waking up at the right time is not a problem if your mind is at peace and focused on making things happen.



Conclusion: Wake Up Early & Transform Your Life

Your rise before sunrise is not impossible. It needs us to improve our food habits, our time management, and our sleep patterns. If we look closely at these factors, these are the same factors that guide us to transform our lives. It reiterates our claim that you can change your life for the better once you begin to wake up early. So, concentrate on these factors and become an early bird to maximise the quality of your life!


How To Wake Up Early
How To Wake Up Early


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