how to unlock 100 percent of your mind

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain & Increase Your Intelligence

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain: Introduction

Have you ever imagined what would happen if we used 100% of our brain? You cannot know exactly, but one certainty is that if you could use 100% of your brain, you would live your best possible life. Hollywood keeps showing us mesmerising movies, and you keep wondering how to use 100% of your brain like Lucy. So, is it possible, or is it just a wild aspiration of the human mind? And if it is possible, how to unlock 100 percent of your brain?

If 100% is too much to ask for, even if you knew how to use a higher percentage of your brain, your life would improve drastically. Your brain creates your reality, and if you can have a better control over your brain, you can become the creator of your destiny! Let us start getting much more specific.

The Need To Know How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Can you prepare your favourite dish if I gave you very little amounts of all its ingredients? Maybe you will, but at best, a small quantity of it. This small quantity will leave you both hungry and teased. Similarly, using only a part of your brain and its power, cannot give you your greatest possible life. Maybe you will do something with it and earn your livelihood somehow. But you will remain stressed and unhappy all your life. Most of us stay trapped in only 1% of our brains (in our intellect) throughout our lives. We never gather the wisdom or the courage to use our brains fully. It calls for the development of the knowledge of how to unlock 100 percent of your brain. Only when you use your intelligence to its fullest, will you give yourself a chance to live your best possible life.  

This blog will be all about unlocking the hidden powers of your brain. Likewise, it will guide you to know how to unlock your full-brain potential or how to use your full-brain capacity. And when you know it, you will also gradually develop the required courage for it. So, let us begin. 

The first step in discovering how to unlock 100 percent of your brain is understanding how it functions. It means you have to do an in-depth & wholesome study of your brain.

I)How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain: Study Your Brain Well

Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain
Study Your Brain Well

By functioning of the brain, I do not imply the brain’s biological working that you read in school. The biological study involved learning parts of the brain, the nervous system, glands, etc. I would not go into those things.

By functioning of the brain, I mean its practical working. To clarify, it means your personal study of your brain. It tells you why your brain works as it does. You do not need a picture or a dummy of the human brain to do it. To sum up, understanding your brain requires you to observe your brain & its generated thoughts and know their relevance. It lets you know why a particular thought occurred and what was its purpose.  

To study & understand your brain inside-out, you need to do four basic things.

1. Personify Your Brain

To understand your brain better, personify it (hypothetically, of course). It will help you stop taking your brain and its thoughts for granted. That is to say, personifying your brain will help you understand it like you understand any other person. Think of your brain as a child as it is as delicate an organ as any child. Your brain also plays a role similar to that of a child in your life. It can give you all the happiness in the world if you know how to make it your own. It also gets scared when you shout or get angry. Have you noticed that whenever you are mad at somebody, you also get scared of your own anger? Well, it is your brain that fears loud noises, shouts & fights. The brain works at its finest when you are peaceful, happy, and blissful. 

So, think of your brain as your child and not an organ. If you do this, your brain will give you nothing else but happiness!  

2. Do Not Judge Your Brain

Do you judge your child? No. You love him/her. Despite all the troubles he/she gives you, you see them as a part of yourself. You make their mistakes your own, help them solve those mistakes and move ahead in life with confidence. And when your child grows up, they pay you back with all the love & support that you gave them years ago. This story of your child should be the story of your brain and its thoughts too.

Do not judge your brain or its thoughts. Firstly, be sure that your brain wants your good. Trust it totally because it is YOUR brain. But if it lands you in some trouble or gives you some bad advice, do not panic, curse, or start judging it. If you do, it will weaken your relationship with your brain. That is to say, it will commit even bigger mistakes in future. It will make your life miserable. Not on purpose, but due to your judgments about it. Treat your brain as your child, and it will respond to your love & affection, sooner or later. Let it learn from its mistakes and grow mightier over time. Have the patience and give it a little space. 

Not judging your brain will free you! You will also become a better person, and people will love you even more. So, to avoid judging your own brain is a good idea!

3. Observe Your Thoughts

what would happen if we used 100% of our brain?
Observe Your Thoughts

The next thing that you need to do to understand your brain is to observe its thoughts

See how your brain reacts in different situations. What kind of thoughts it generates. Study it and find out why you like certain things, people, & situations. Doing this will help you understand your brain better. Above all, It will also help you know yourself better and move closer to your true self.

If you do not like some thoughts that your brain produces, think about why it generated those thoughts in the first place. And when you find the reason, you will automatically start attending to those reasons. It will remove that pattern of those unwanted thoughts and would start generating newer ones of your choice. It would turn your unpleasant thoughts into pleasant ones.

Hence, understanding your brain by observing its thoughts will help you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. It will make you happier and able to harness the full might of your brain.

4. Understand Your Brain Inside-Out

When you observe your brain and its thoughts for a considerable amount of time, you will know your brain’s true nature. You will know when, how, and why your brain functions the way it does. It will build your confidence in your brain, which is needed to strengthen it. Understanding your brain inside-out will also help you know how to unlock 100 percent of your brain potential. 

When you understand and trust your brain completely, it’s time to work on strengthening your brain.

II)How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain: Strengthen Your Brain

how to use 100% of your brain like Lucy
Strengthen Your Brain

When your body is healthy & you trust it, won’t you want to go out traveling? Or maybe if you don’t really like traveling, you will probably go for a walk or do some physical exercises to become fitter. The point is that when you trust something, you will start using it more & more. This in turn, will make that thing stronger and much more sharper. 

Similarly, when you start trusting your mind, you would want to strengthen it, expand its reach and start sharpening your intelligence. It will take you closer to knowing how to unlock 100 percent of your brain and its true potential and executing it to effect. 

So, now that you understand your brain, you need to do some things with it, which will strengthen & expand its reach. You can do the following:

Open-Up Your Mind

Have you seen those people who are very intelligent but still are unable to achieve success? What do you think is the reason for their failures? The reason is that all their intelligence is like an elixir trapped in a tightly shut bottle. They are just not able to remove the lid, let the magical liquid flow out, and quench their thirst for success. Isn’t this kind of knowledge useless? Dormant wisdom or skills are as good as inability. So, you need to remove the lid from the bottle at the earliest!

Having a sharp mind or understanding your brain very well isn’t enough. You still need to remove that lid that is trapping your brain’s intelligence. If you want to know how to unlock 100 percent of your brain potential and make it a reality, you have to remove the lid. This is because before you can start to strengthen your mind, you first need to empower it! Therefore, you need to learn to open up your mental doors and let its horses loose. Having trust in your brain will help, but apart from this, you also need to do certain other things to unleash your mind. 

Simple Ways To Unleash Your Brain

  • Invite new thoughts, analyse, and enjoy them.
  • Try out new activities and grow your list of hobbies.
  • Hop onto new dishes and cuisines and develop new tastes.
  • Change the type of clothes you wear and still feel amazing.
  • Meet new people and make them your own. 
  • Visit new places, explore them and find new joy.
  • Work on new projects and tasks and excel in them.
  • Read, watch, imagine new out-of-the-box things to flex the muscles of your brain.
  • Talk & discuss with people about everything new you come across.

Doing these things will reduce your obsession with security and enhance your affinity for uncertainties, hence letting you take more risks in life. Taking calculated risks will impart valuable strength to your brain. It will take you closer to discovering how to unlock 100 percent of your brain potential.

Once the mind is open enough, the next thing to target for strengthening your mind is your body. 

2. Do Physical Exercise Regularly

how to use a higher percentage of your brain
Do Physical Exercise Regularly

Your mind is closely linked to your body. What your mind achieves, slowly but surely, gets reflected in your body too. It is a natural progression in human growth, as your brain connects to your body through millions & billions of neurons.

So, when your mind opens up, it needs to be stretched, showcased, and get reflected in your body too. Your body is like an extension of your mind. So, you can start using your whole body as your mind. You can think through your body.

Then, you need to strengthen this ‘brain-body’ by exercising regularly. The stronger your body gets, the sharper your mind becomes and vice-versa. It helps in bolstering your brain’s strength and expanding its reach even further. It’s another big step in your journey towards unfolding how to unlock 100 percent of your brain and its intelligence and carrying out the same to perfection.

So, do physical exercises regularly to strengthen your body’s different parts. Go for walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, etc. You can also hit the gym and work out according to your capability and needs. You can practice yoga and its many postures to build a strong, resilient, and agile body, which will make your brain stronger.

3. Convert The Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

Convert The Negative Energy Into Positive Energy
Convert The Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

We did talk about converting negative thoughts into positive ones in the ‘observe your thoughts’ section. But that was related only to your thought process. How do you convert the negative energy within you into positive energy? 

Notice, we are not talking about RELEASING any negative energy from our system. It is because we want to utilise this energy within our body. Remember, you want to find a way to tell you how to unlock 100 percent of your brain potential. If you release any type or amount of energy from your body, you are forgoing your chance to tap 100 percent of your brain and your body. Hence, you have to look to convert the negative energy into positive energy within your body.

Opening up your mind dilutes while doing physical exercises channels all the negative energies within you in the right direction. Converting negative thoughts into positive ones also helps convert negative energy into positive energy, but only up to an extent. Some negative energies may still remain trapped in your body. How do you convert this last chunk of negative energy into positive energy? 


Your mind is very powerful! Most of the things in your life were created by your mind’s thoughts and its subconscious. But the mind also possesses healing powers. It can convert the negative energy within you into positive energy. This negative energy may be an outcome of a disease or an injury. Or it may just be in the form of a stored energy within you. You need to learn to focus on the part of your body that needs healing. You can call this process meditation, mindfulness, or nothingness. 

The Process of Meditation

How is it done? You need to close your eyes and sit in a meditative position. Then, you need to scan through your body using your consciousness (explained in subsequent paragraphs). Choose a part of your body where the discomfort is maximum. Now slowly, without pushing your mind, bring your focus to this place and keep it there. The more you stay there, the stronger your focus gets over that area. And slowly, it will start healing this whole area in your body. You need to be in this state until you start feeling better. This process would heal you by converting all the negative energy into positive energy. For best results, you can repeat this process daily until you get fully healed. 

The power of your mind is the biggest force in this process. But another principle that applies here is that of facing your fears. When you stand in front of any negative energy with unwavering determination, negative energies turn itself into positive energy. You retain all your energies, and it strengthens your mind to expand its reach over your whole body. It is another step towards finding how to unlock 100 percent of your brain and achieving it for real.

Opening up your mind, doing physical exercises, and converting negative energy into positive energy, are the main steps in expanding the reach of your mind and strengthening it. 

But the coming points are no less important. Next in the line is practicing stillness.

4. Practice Stillness

how to use your full-brain capacity
Practice Stillness

Stillness is more of an enabler of the previous points. That is to say, stillness is a pre-condition for an open mind, sound physical exercise, and fruitful meditation. 

Stress, anxiety, and panic make the mind cloudy, confused & frozen. It’s bad not only when you want to strengthen the mind but also for ensuring a calm, stable, and peaceful mind. Hence, learn to practice stillness within yourself. A still body promotes a still mind and vice-versa. And when both body and mind are still, the mind is at its strongest, works to its optimum, and is ready to expand its consciousness and reach.

Hence indirectly, stillness contributes to the process of strengthening & expanding the reach of the mind. It contributes in a big way towards the process of identifying how to unlock 100 percent of your brain and its hidden powers.

The next step in expanding the reach of the mind is deep breathing.

5. Do Deep Breathing Exercises

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Deep breathing provides more oxygen to your body, relaxes, and helps your brain function much better. You should add deep breathing exercises to your yoga and meditation schedule. It will make you learn to breathe deeply throughout the day naturally and keep stress, anxiety, and tension at bay. And a more relaxed & focussed you will contribute towards a stronger mind, letting your brain perform at its potential best.

 6. Enhance Your Consciousness/Sensitivity

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Your memory is a vital part of your intelligence. But it has its limitations. So, beyond a particular limit, you have to use your consciousness. Consciousness is complementary to your memory and makes your intelligence complete. But what is it exactly?

Consciousness is the power of your mind to feel something in its totality at a particular moment. It is closely related to your imagination power. It shows you the complete range of possibilities of a particular situation. And you are free to assess each outcome, and based on it, make your own choices and take important decisions. It is a significant part of your brain’s intelligence. In most people, a large portion of this form of brain’s intelligence remains untapped or dormant. Hence, it is essential to enhance your consciousness if you want to strengthen your mind and solve the mystery of how to unlock 100 percent of your brain. How can you raise your consciousness? 

Meditation helps you grow your consciousness. So, practice building a meditative focus on things & situations around you, and your consciousness will give you deep insights into them. With regular practice, your consciousness would keep growing and would keep adding to the strength & power of your mind.

7. Keep Smiling

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Inner peace, stillness, and meditation do contribute towards unlocking your brain powers. But happiness is the best form of all of them. When you are smiling, your brain is functioning at its best. Your smile is a product of the inner peace, stillness, and meditative processes within you. If you do not smile, these processes get weakened. So, keep smiling to contribute to your brain’s strength and to realise how to unlock 100 percent of your brain.

8. Set Mind Free & Follow It

Doing the above things will make your mind strong. And once it is strong, you can set it free and follow it wherever it goes. That is how it’s done. Be the master of your mind initially, guiding it in the right direction to make it strong. And when it grows strong, just follow it. It will never let you down. It will always give you far more than you can imagine.

You have now learned to strengthen your mind to match its potential. That is to say, you have raised the quantitative aspect of your brain. But to know how to unlock 100 percent of your brain, you also have to boost the quality quotient of your brain. So, let us move on to the last leg of this journey. Let us see how you can raise the level of your brain and enhance the quality of its performance, which will help you know and realise how to unlock 100 percent of your brain potential.

III) How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain: Raise Your Brain’s Level

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Raising your brain’s level means enhancing the quality and performance of your brain. To clarify, it entails raising your ability to think, analyse and make decisions to the next level. Studying & strengthening your mind is necessary, but it keeps your mind on the same level qualitatively. Therefore, to gather the wisdom about how to unlock 100 percent of your brain, you need to lift the potential of your brain to the subsequent levels continuously. 

There are certain things that you can do to achieve this. The first among them is to keep your mind light & cool.

1) Keep Your Mind Light & Cool

In the ocean, light things come to the surface on their own and keep floating without much effort. Similarly, your thoughts are your mind’s ocean. So, keep your mind light of its thoughts, to help it reach its true potential. Do not burden it with unnecessary worries or expectations. In short, be above these troubles, and your mind will come to the surface and keep getting its oxygen.

When your mind is light, it becomes cool on its own. That is to say, a light mind is free from negative emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy, resentment and grief. Meanwhile, if keeping your mind light brought it to the surface, keeping it cool will help it navigate through situations easily. 

So, a light and cool mind raises your brain’s intelligence to the next level and helps you unravel the path that accurately shows how to unlock 100 percent of your brain potential. 

2) Do not Compare, Stay Unique

You cannot compare yourself to somebody and still have the mind of the highest order. As soon as relativity enters your brain, it will nosedive to its bottom. And when your mind thinks you are worse than others, you will start acting accordingly, hence making yourself weak and helpless. As a result, it will keep you sad and under-confident, which will not let your brain function at its potential best. Forget about raising its level, the mind will stay stuck at the bottom of your mental capability and physical ability. 

That is why you have to stay unique and find your way in life. People compare themselves to others because they crave security. For example, if someone is not doing good, they console themselves for their failures by giving their example. They tell their mind that it is OK to perform badly, as others are also not doing so great. In short, comparisons never let your mind reach its potential. Only uniqueness can do that for you! Only when you know that YOU have to carve your way ahead, will your brain function to the best of its capacity. 

If you have to survive drowning in the ocean, comparisons won’t help. To clarify, the only thing that can help you stay afloat is your own unique way to keep fighting for your life. And when you have learned to stay unique, you will not only survive but also thrive. This happens because your brain, at that moment, is working at its best, which is the result of your ability to decipher, how to use more of your brain!

3) Keep Learning Continuously

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Staying unique is not enough. In other words, it is just the beginning. When you are unique, you have the added responsibility to keep learning and improving constantly. That is because if you don’t, you won’t have anything to hold onto when the going gets tough. Moreover, if you stay unique but do not learn new things consistently, you are no more unique. Only when you learn new things using your own peculiar ways, do you stay unique. 

Also, if you are not learning new things, your brain’s quality will keep deteriorating as even the brain needs its work out. After all, it is a muscle. Only when you keep your brain active, engaged, and occupied will it be able to perform at its best by unleashing itself. So, instead of asking the question how do we use 100% of our brain, we need to ask ourselves what environment should we give our brain to help it unlock its brilliance. To clarify, it is the environment of constant learning, improvement, and growth!

4) Maintain A Healthy Distance Between You & Your Thoughts

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

Have you noticed, whenever somebody shares their problems with you, you can immediately think of a solution? But when the same issue comes into your life, you don’t seem to know what to do with it. Why does this happen? It happens because you take your problems too seriously in comparison to the difficulties of others. That is to say, a little distance between you and your puzzle would give you a much clearer view, which will make things a lot easier for your brain. To sum up, it gives your mind a decent amount of space to think of a possible solution. 

So, keep a healthy space between your thoughts and yourself, so that your brain can function to its potential. It will help your brain think from a different level altogether, literally, eventually letting all its hidden powers get unlocked! 

5) Eat Healthy, Nutritious Food

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain

The simplest way to improve the quality of your brain, its thoughts, and its performance is to eat healthy and nutritious food. Similarly, eating the right food like fresh, green leafy vegetables & fruits, nuts, eggs, milk, etc. goes a long way in raising the performance of your mind. 

Further, eating healthy and eliminating all the junk food from your diet reduces the intake of potential negative energies. Therefore, it gives you a cleaner system naturally that helps your brain achieve its potential and unlock its hidden powers organically.

6) Sleep Well

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain
Sleep Well

You may be doing everything else right, but if your brain is tired or not adequately rested, it will not unlock its 100 percent, no matter how hard you try! That is to say that sleeping well may be the last, but by no means is the least important, of all the things you did to take your mind to the subsequent levels. 

Only an adequately rested mind can realise the potential you have created through all the work you did on your brain. So, after doing every possible thing to improve the quality of your brain, don’t forget to give it that ample amount of rest. 

That is all you need to do to keep raising your mind to the subsequent levels continuously and reveal to yourself how to unlock 100 percent of your brain!

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain: Conclusion

To decode how to unlock 100 percent of your brain and succeed at it, you have to give your 100 percent to the whole process. In other words, you have to leave no stone unturned if you want to enhance & realise the true potential of the power of your mind. So, next time when you are confused about how to use 100% of your brain, follow the above-given steps and achieve the best version of your mind. Because only by unlocking the true power of your mind, will you be able to attain your best possible life! 

How To Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain
Unlock 100 Percent Of Your Brain
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