how to tell if someone is lying over text

How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Perfect Ways & Means

Lies Are The Biggest Truths of Life

Before learning how to tell if someone is lying over text to you, we should go through some basic questions first. Do people really lie? If yes, why do they do so? Can we stop the creation and spread of lies? Let’s see.

We know life is ironic and its biggest evidence is that lies are the biggest truths of life. The world is carried on the shoulders of lies and liars are its agents who run and rule this world. It is because if truths were revealed everywhere, it would be the beginning of the end of this world. But if we pardon these ‘necessary lies’, there are still many lies that are harmful but avoidable. But liars don’t stop or give up lying. So, you have to be smart enough to know when someone is lying to your face.

But it’s easier to spot or make out when someone is lying while talking to you face to face. What about the lies that people say to you over text, chats, or emails? How do you know they are contain lies that may hurt you badly? This is what we are going to focus on in this blog. We will see how to tell if someone is lying over text to you. Let’s begin by understanding the background first.

People May Lie To You For Their Own Reasons

how to tell if someone is lying over text
People May Lie For Their Own Reasons

Do you know that people who text you lie more than the people who talk to you in person? The reasons are obvious. These are lesser risk, ample time to manufacture a lie, and lesser chance of being caught or punished. So, next time when you receive a text from someone, remember that they may be lying! But who are these people who may lie to you and why would they do so? These may be fraudsters who want to swindle away your money from your bank account. They might be companies with false, inaccurate, or confusing “attractive offers” for you just to hook you up. Or they might be your near and dear ones. They want to conceal their failures, misdeeds, or mistakes from you to save themselves from your wrath. 

But you need to be wise enough to know how to tell if someone is lying over text to you. This is very important for you as it can save you great losses. These losses may be in terms of money, time & energy, relationships, and last but not the least, the truth. You deserve to know the truth and we will find out how you can do that in the coming paragraphs. 

How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Cautions

How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Cautions
How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Cautions

It’s not impossible to tell if someone is lying over text to you. But there are certain conditions that you should fulfil to be able to do this. And if you don’t have these qualities, you should start developing them right away. Don’t worry they aren’t some rocket science but normal do’s & don’ts that we need to inculcate within ourselves. They would help you know how to tell if someone is lying over text to you. Let’s check them out.

Not Everybody is A Saint

 You must have seen many people believing and trusting someone blindly. Well, blind faith does a lot of harm to you as a person. The biggest among them is that it shuts your senses completely. You see things but are not able to decode, read, or even acknowledge them. You come out of the slumber only when jolted by the bitter truth of the situation or that person.

Secondly, blind faith in someone makes them take undue advantage of you and your innocence. They may rob you of your money, happiness, and even the ability to trust anyone in the future which ultimately might leave you lonely in life.

The third and probably the biggest threat from trusting someone blindly is that you might become a fanatic. It is possible that you may never find out the truth or you know the truth but are not strong enough emotionally to accept it. In this case, you might go on living with the lie and the liar throughout your life, ruining it forever from its very core. 

Hence, it’s better not to trust anyone blindly but only on the basis of your observation, logic, reasoning, and people’s trustworthiness, authenticity, and loyalty. 

Thus, the first rule to know how to tell if someone is lying over text to you is not to consider everyone a saint.

Not Everybody is A Liar

There are people with blind faith but there are also the ones with a strong feeling of negativity, cynicism, and distrust. Such people find it hard to believe or trust, literally anybody. The reasons may be painful childhood memories, a traumatic recent incident, fear of the future, uncertainty, or getting harmed. This is also a kind of blind faith but with a negative connotation. And this condition also leads to something unwanted.

The biggest reason one cannot trust someone is that they cannot trust themselves in the first place. If they felt themselves to be capable enough, they would not fear being cheated or they would know that they are capable of bouncing back in life from being cheated or lied to. This distrust in themselves and others prevents them from living their lives freely, happily, and joyfully. They remain confused, doubtful, and scared before taking every small or big step in life which makes their life below par, lonely, and abysmal. The end result is that they neither achieve anything significant in life nor do they earn the love & respect of their family, friends, or anyone else. 

Hence, it’s very important to trust yourself so that you are in a position to trust others as well. If somebody cheats on you or lies to you, there are solutions that can be tapped into but you should not close the doors of your heart right from the beginning for no good reason. 

Thus, the second rule to know how to tell if someone is lying over text to you is to realise and absorb the fact that not everybody is a liar!

Stay Open, Observant, & Accepting

The right way to lead a life, in general, is to be observant, smart, and have an active intelligence. It will also help you tell if someone is lying over text to you. When you haven’t made up your mind that people are either saints or liars, that is when you are ready to see things as they really are. That is when you start deserving truth. People may hide the truth from you but they cannot hide the fact that they are liars. And that is all that matters, as you can choose the right people who deserve to stay in your life and filter out the liars from it. So, be open & observing so that you can see the truth, and be accepting so that you are able to deserve and stand the truth.

Now, we are in the perfect position and frame of mind to know how to tell if someone is lying over text to you. Let’s see how we can do that.

How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Type of Messages

The Type of Messages
How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Type of Messages

There are three types of messages that might tell you that the person sending those texts is lying to you. The first type among these are the messages that are too short, abrupt, and have a sudden ending.

Short & Abrupt Messages With Sudden Endings

Such messages show that the sender is trying to avoid communication altogether. That he wants to hide something or/and is scared that it might get sensed or revealed if he kept texting or communicating with you. If you will have a close look at the whole way of the communication and the environment created by it, you will sense that the other person is too confused, hesitant, and fearful on the other side. He is trying his best to end the conversation at the earliest so that his secret remains intact. Short & abrupt messages with sudden endings may be messages like the following:

  • Don’t have time to talk right now.
  • Too busy to talk right now.
  • Talk to your later. (TTYL)
  • Give me some time.
  • I will get back to you.
  • It’s not what you think.
  • I will explain it later.
  • I am not hiding anything. 
  • Not feeling well.
  • Have to take medicine.
  • Feeling Sleepy.

Thus, the first type of message that teaches you how to tell if someone is lying over text to you is short, abrupt messages with sudden endings. 

Avoiding, Manipulative, & Cheesy Messages

In these messages, the person again tries to ‘avoid’ but in a different sense. In short, abrupt messages with sudden endings, he tried to avoid communication altogether while here he tries to avoid a particular topic of conversation in order to hide the truth. This tells you that either the lie is a smaller one or the liar is a habitual person and knows very well how to manipulate the truth. What he does is try to start ‘another’ topic of conversation. Next, he tries to manipulate you by giving illogical statements and reasons for a certain act. He tries to mislead you through various means by throwing every possible explanation apart from the truth. Also, to avoid the conversation on the topic of importance, he says cheesy things to impress you and get you to take things lightly and take your focus off the truth and that topic. 

Hence, in these messages the liar doesn’t avoid conversation but the topic in focus by using all possible means. You should be vigilant enough to notice this type of message so that you may alert yourself to the fact that he might be lying.  

Thus, the second type of message that teaches you how to tell if someone is lying over text to you is avoiding, manipulative, and cheesy messages. 

Extra-Long, Too Explanatory, With Many Justifications

Another way to conceal the truth or the fact is to stuff it with many layers of words, justifications, or just another bundle of lies. It’s given that when people talk too much, more than half of their claims, explanations, or justifications are false or lies. Text messages lying about something may be extra long. The lengthiness is to serve the purpose of saying many lies to keep the bigger lie safe. Or it may also be the case where a big lie is kept within many truths so that the lie also appears to be true. Explanations are given to show that the sender is willing to explain which means that he is not hiding anything or is saying the truth. While justifications are given to turn the lie into a truth in your mind. These types of messages are the hardest to ‘decipher’ and detect a lie. 

Hence, as soon as you see a long message with several explanations and justifications, become conscious of the possibility of lies being stuffed between those words.

Thus, the last type of message that teaches you how to tell if someone is lying over text to you is long, explanatory messages stuffed with justifications. 

How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Caveats

The Caveats
How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text: The Caveats

The caveats while applying the above rules are very important and must always be kept in mind. The above rules should not be ‘set in stones’ as exceptions would always exist. That is to say, if somebody sends you short messages with abrupt endings, manipulative & cheesy messages, or too lengthy messages full of confessions & justifications, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is lying. It may be the truth and who knows, may be coming straight from the heart.

It is possible that the senders are not trying to hide something or lie to you. Their words and intentions may be genuine and clean off any concealment whatsoever. They might be saying things to give you a surprise, or simply for the sake of it, or they might be trying to do something else. There are myriad possibilities here. Hence, the rules given above are only indicative and not absolute. Do not make the mistake of framing someone as a liar by merely applying these rules mindlessly. 

Experiment, Cross-Check, Re-Check The Reality

If you think that someone is lying to you over text, experiment with it, cross-check it with other people, and re-check it many times through multiple sources before taking any action. It’s because one wrong step may ruin relationships, your peace of mind, and somebody’s image & reputation in life. 

Once you get an evidence-backed concrete answer, only then decide your future course of action. If the person was lying, punish them, unfriend them, or forgive them. And if they were not lying, accept your mistake and apologise to them personally. 

Remember, cautions & caveats are equally important when you want to make the right decisions in life. And it is no different when you want to know whether someone is lying to you over text!

Thus, to know how to tell if someone is lying over text to you, give equal importance to the cautions, types of messages, and the caveats given above.


How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text
How To Tell If Someone is Lying Over Text

When someone lies to you, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. But both truth and lies are part & parcel of the bag of life and we can’t help it. What we can do is to learn how to tell if someone is lying over text to us. To do this, first of all, do not blame or give a clean-chit to anybody without knowing the truth. So, don’t think that someone is a liar or saint before you have concrete proof. Use the indicative rules given above to get a clue about whether someone is lying. Then, cross-check it many times and confirm it before coming to any conclusion or taking any action. And at last, based on the derived result, take the necessary action to move forward in life with truth, satisfaction, and bliss. 

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