How to tackle failures

How To Tackle Failures

Failures Are A Part & Parcel Of Life


Failures are the most common thing in our lives. Every step, every idea and every thought feels like a failure until it has succeeded. It scares everyone alike and everyone prays to god to keep failures away from them. But failures are  a part and parcel of our lives. Either we should not consider anything as a failure or if we do, then we should know how to manage them well so as to not get affected by them.


What are Failures?


So, what exactly is a failure? A failure is simply non-achievement of one’s goals. You may fail to clear an exam. You may fail to get the job of your dreams. You may fail to become rich and get a luxurious life. You may fail to succeed in life. But any failure is not the end if you know how to manage them well. Failures should never be able to stop you. They should only be able to make you change directions in life. This itself is your win over failures!


Why Do Failures Come?

Before learning how to tackle failures we should know why they visit us or keep visiting us. People say that failures are lessons which come to teach us. We should learn from them and move ahead in life. That failures are the pillars to success. These are just pep talks which are told to you so that you don’t loose heart in life. So that you keep moving forward no matter what! The reality is that failures don’t visit you. They are always with you. Anything other than success is a failure. So, until you have succeeded, you are a failure. To avoid failures, we should first accept this fact whole heartedly and make peace with it. Don’t run away from failures else they will catch you every single time!


How To Tackle Failures?


Now, we move forward to see how to tackle failures. There are three ways to do this. First way is to become serious and work hard to defeat failure. When you decide to follow this path, you have already failed in your attempt to tackle failure. When you become too serious, you become rigid in your mind and body. Basically you are too scared of failure. Due to this, you are not able to use your full potential and you fail to come out of failure. The second way which many people use is that in order to show that they are not scared of failures, they celebrate it. This is also a very wrong approach as by celebrating failure you are sub-consciously telling yourself to repeat it. You are giving yourself an ‘incentive’ for failing again. We should not hate or complain about failures but there is nothing celebratory about failures either. The correct way to tackle failures is to just observe them, try finding out your mistakes and silently move forward with a smile on your face! Doing this will ensure that failures don’t drag you off-track. It will ensure that you do not stop in your pursuit of success. You become unstoppable and limitless. This attitude once cultivated is sure to bring you success one day! Another important thing about failures is that you should never blame others for your failures even if you know that is the case. If you blame others or situations for your failures, you will become irresponsible and would keep failing.


Advantages of Tackling Failures Successfully


Tackling failures successfully gives clarity in life. You know exactly how to go about anything because the rules for success or failure are same in every field. This will minimize the failures and make you a successful person in life. You would become an asset to the society and to your nation. You would earn the respect of people around you which is the real treasure in this world. Most of all, the satisfaction of coming out of failures unscathed will bring inner peace and freedom to you which will allow you to lead a happy life.


Use Failures Judiciously


Failures should not be allowed to make you angry and frustrated. They should be used as an opportunity to bring out the best in you. This is what is needed for success! So, every time you find yourself surrounded by failures, don’t be scared of them but use them as a bridge that would take you to success!!

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