How To Solve Any Problem In Life

How To Solve Any Problem In Life

Life is a Set of Situations


Life demands solving situations at every second of our lives. Every moment is a challenge. Every second is puzzling & perplexing. We don’t have any clue about what to do with these situations or with ourselves. We don’t know whether we can solve these situations or whether we will improve in our lives at all. Are we really capable of making a difference in our own lives or in the lives of others? Is there a way to become able in a way that makes us capable of solving any situation peacefully and with utmost ease instead of becoming anxious & stressed out?


Anxiety & Stress


If we can remove anxiety and stress from our lives we can solve any problem with ease. This is because we are naturally & inherently capable of solving any situation and there are infinite solutions to any situation. The only problem is that anxiety & stress drag us away from reality and from being natural. And being natural and free-flowing is the only way we can solve any problem. So, let us look at how we can remove anxiety & stress from our lives so that we become capable of solving any situation that we might face in our lives.


How To Remove Stress & Anxiety 


First of all, we need to think that why we get anxious and stressed while tackling any situation. Is the problem so big or so strong? Are we weak? Do we become weak when we are faced with situations? What is it? No problem is big or small. It’s our mind that makes them so. If we tell our mind that the problem is big, it actually becomes big. If we tell it that the problem is small, it actually becomes small. This means that we are capable of changing the size of our problems. So, why can’t we say to our mind that it’s not a problem at all? When we say this to our mind we are already out of the problem. It is said that battles and problems are entirely fought in the mind. It’s absolutely true! When you have eliminated the problem in your head itself, you have already solved the problem. Now you just need to do the necessary action which becomes far more easier as you don’t treat the situation like a problem any longer. So, the first way to solve any situation in life is to destroy the problem in your mind itself, not by planning for it or setting the action-plan to destroy it but simply by not looking at it as a problem.


How To Remove Stress & Anxiety


The other way of solving any situation in life is ‘to make yourself vanish’ by dissolving your identity in your mind. We become anxious & stressed while solving any problem because we are too much identified with our body and our mind. Due to this we are constantly in fear of any harm or loss that might happen to us. Imagine, if you yourself don’t exist in your mind, how will your problems exist? When you dissolve your identity or relate yourself with a larger space than just yourself like the earth or the whole cosmos, then you become free and freedom is all it takes to solve any situation in life. You can’t fix anything in life if you yourself are tied to something. Do you remember how you know the solution to every problem of your friends, your family members and every damn problem in the world? But when it comes to solving a very small problem relating to YOU, you are not able to do it. Have you ever thought why that happens? It happens simply because you are too much identified with yourself. You are too much fearful and cautious. You become too risk-averse when it comes to your own safety & interests. So, what you need to do is to just dissolve your identity into the environment you live in and see your problems fading and solving themselves out. 


Be Natural


It is simple enough. If it takes a lot of effort to solve any problem then you are doing it wrong. Nature has instilled an inbuilt situation-solving skill in us. And we don’t need to do anything but to just remain natural. And you will remain natural either by dissolving the problem or yourself in your mind! So, be natural to keep anxiety & stress away which will make you solve any situation with utmost ease & comfort!!

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