How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work: The Best Ways

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work: An Introduction

Our work is the backbone of our existence on this planet. It helps us earn money for survival, hence making life easier. But it also gives meaning to our lives. When people dislike our work, we feel bad. But when they love, admire, and recognise it, everything seems magical. But many of us don’t know exactly how to say thank you for being recognised at work. So, how do you say thank you after recognition at work? There are various subtle ways of doing this, which we will learn in this blog. 

Let’s begin by seeing what praise-worthy things we are capable of doing at our workplace. 

How To Deserve Recognition At Your Workplace

How To Deserve Recognition At Your Workplace
How To Deserve Recognition At Your Workplace

Before we find out how to say thank you for being recognised at work, we first need to learn to deserve recognition at the workplace. Desiring and deserving recognition at the workplace are two different things. To deserve recognition for your work, you have to work very hard. You have to be patient, skillful, and humble, simultaneously. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what it takes to make people appreciate you at your workplace.

The first thing that we need to do to make our co-workers acknowledge us at work is to develop exemplary work ethics within ourselves. 

1) Work Ethics

Work Ethics
Work Ethics

You cannot deserve recognition at your workplace without having a great work ethic. Even if you are very good at what you do, you need to back it with the ethical conduct of the highest level. Work ethic has several important values that we should implant within ourselves.


Punctuality comes at the top when we talk about work ethics. When you know the value of time, it’s impossible not to attract recognition from your co-workers. Being punctual means that you come to work on time, work tirelessly to fulfill deadlines, and complete your work well ahead of time. The first thing that we need for people to accredit us anywhere is to be prompt, smooth, and timely.


Sincerity means that you are serious about your work. You take great pride in what you do, and you intend to do your best possible each time. When you are earnest at your workplace, people recognise and acclaim the quantity, quality, and variety of your work effortlessly and instantly.


Honesty is the best policy everywhere, and that includes your workplace. When you work with honesty, integrity, and morality, your bosses & seniors applaud you irrespective of the result. But honesty, in the majority of the cases, gives you favourable outcomes which make people notice you even more.


Who doesn’t like a reliable employee? When there is someone whom you can trust with any work, he is constantly in recognition from his bosses and seniors. Enterprises always prefer reliable employees to the people who are under-confident, complaining, and hopeless.


Loyalty is a rare virtue. Staying true to your work and your master requires purity of perception, character & soul. When you are loyal, no matter what happens, seniors and everyone else at work, trusts you.


It’s hard to remain positive in testing times. Everyone admires people who find a way to stay positive & hopeful in challenging situations. Since stress levels are high in the corporate world, modern work environments validate employees with positive mindsets.


Clarity & confidence play a critical role in your success at the workplace. If you are confident about your work, you will most certainly succeed at it. This success will automatically bring you name, fame, and recognition at your workplace.


Uncertainty, change, and adversity is part and parcel of today’s work culture. Enterprises fire people who are not adaptable to their evolving needs. They notice and recognise only versatile employees, who can accomplish tasks at short notices.


No one recognises or rewards you for hard work anymore. In the current technological & competitive times, employers want clever people. Intelligent people are capable of finishing complex tasks with high efficiency in a minimal amount of time. Thus, organisations endorse smartness more than hard work in the modern work culture.


Mediocrity, laziness, or procrastination cannot get you recognition. Only when an employee is an expert in his field and has a professional attitude towards work, do people recognise him at his workplace. When you are in the habit of completing your work professionally, your co-workers salute you for it. It’s simple, isn’t it?


Not all employees have equal motivation to work well for their companies. When you are motivated enough to take yourself and your organisation to the top, you are destined to get recognised at work. The inner ‘fire’ that comes naturally with motivation won’t ever let you or your intense work go unnoticed!

Thirst For Knowledge, Learning, & Improvement

A relentlessly curious person grows leaps & bounds every moment. He keeps experimenting and trying new things, which makes him capable of valuable innovations, discoveries, and breakthroughs in his work. His intelligence helps him earn honour & respect at work very quickly as compared to others

Learning how to say thank you for being recognised at work is a luxury. And to avail of that luxury, you first need to deserve recognition at your workplace by developing the above-explained work ethics. 

The second thing that we need to do to earn respect at work is to develop responsible behaviour.

2) Responsible Behaviour

Responsible Behaviour
Responsible Behaviour

People recognise a person with a responsible attitude and behaviour at work far more easily. That is because he is always willing to take risks, help co-workers, and do his best in every assignment he gets. In short, he plays a pivotal role in keeping the workplace functioning at the right pace.

The first trait of a responsible employee is that of being a mentor to his juniors. 

A Mentoring Senior

An employee with responsible behaviour is always ready to help his juniors in every possible way. He helps his new subordinates adapt to the office environment to make them feel at home. Next, he constantly motivates them to do well and helps them when the need arises. Also, he shapes them in a way that brings out the best in them. He doesn’t overburden them with work and helps them achieve the perfect work-life balance. He also shares his experience with his juniors so that they can benefit from it.

An Obedient Junior

A responsible employee sees his seniors’ reputation as his own. He never wants to let them down. Also, he finishes his assigned tasks well ahead of time and to the best of his ability & skills. He follows his superiors’ instructions diligently and never disappoints them. Also, he cares enough to maintain a healthy relationship with his seniors by always respecting, honouring, and idealising them.

The Perfect Employee

A responsible employee is a perfect employee an organisation can have. He fulfills his responsibilities towards the firm honestly. Next, he willingly takes up new responsibilities for the benefit of the company. Also, he creates opportunities for his organisation through his responsible behaviour. His responsible behaviour acts as a boon for everyone in his enterprise. He is the x-factor of the organisation as he can do what no one else even thinks of doing.

So, only when you are responsible enough at the workplace, does it make sense to know how to say thank you for being recognised at work.

The third factor that forces people to adore you at work is your superior work management expertise.

3) Excellent Work Management Skills

Excellent Work Management Skills
Excellent Work Management Skills

A person with a unique and effective way of managing his work gets recognised very quickly at work. His style of working is simple, fair, attractive, and more than impactful. He understands what he needs to do in different situations and executes his plans to perfection for all to see.

The most crucial thing in a good work manager is that he is an intelligent planner.

An Intelligent Planner

A good planner understands himself really well. He knows his ability and how to tap his potential really well. Next, he spends the right amount of time understanding the job at hand. He takes into account the resources he has to execute the plan. He uses his imagination to build a near-perfect plan to accomplish his tasks, which grabs eyeballs at work. 

A Skilful Organiser

A skillful organiser arranges his resources to get the best out of them. He knows when, how, and how much to use different resources. And by doing this, he achieves the perfect position from where he can execute his plans to perfection. It’s a treat to watch a skillful organiser at work, which gives him praise & recognition at his workplace.

An Improvising Executor

The most significant characteristic of a good work manager is that he is a flawless executor of his plans. It’s because he has got a hold of his actions which gives him better control over results. And even if something gets out of control, he improvises excellently to avoid any kind of deviation from the target. To top it all, he can give precise finishing touches to the task. The work of an improvising executor brings success that grabs everybody’s attention at work.

Thus, if you have exceptional work management skills, you should start learning how to say thank you for being recognised at work.

The fourth thing that forces people to compliment you and respect your efforts at work is your exemplary leadership skills.

4) Exemplary Leadership

Exemplary Leadership
Exemplary Leadership

An organisation looks to hire leaders and not just employees. It wants you to be complete in yourself. To clarify, your company wants an employee who is not only an expert in his own work but is also capable of guiding others around him. It wants you to be the perfect example for other employees. Every company wants an employee, who in the long run may become the top-most leader of the organisation to guide it to the peak of success.

An exemplary leader’s first quality is that he assumes initiative.

Taking Initiatives

A leader never waits for orders, directions, or instructions from others. If his boss gives him instructions to do something, he finishes the job with perfection. But even if the boss doesn’t ask him to do anything, he uses his wisdom, knowledge, and skills to create something productive. Also, he is always ready to face, manage, and topple risks, challenges, and uncertainties. When you are an exemplary leader who assumes initiative at work voluntarily, your peers would most certainly recognise you at work.

An Effective Motivator

The second most important trait of a good leader at work is that he constantly motivates others. He is not jealous of his colleagues or his juniors. He helps them and pushes them to achieve their potential. A good leader is a natural motivator who motivates others with his words and inspires them through his actions. Everyone praises him for the positive energy he spreads at his workplace.

Leading By Example

An exemplary leader doesn’t only ask others to do great things, but he leads by example. He shows people the right attitude and conduct to make things work. He achieves milestones not to get worshipped or famous but to show people the right path. And when people love him, they follow him and achieve success in their tasks & endeavours at work.

Thus, it is futile to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work, if you are not a good, natural, and exemplary leader at your workplace.

The last thing that makes people recognise you at work is your go-getter attitude and character.

5) Effortless Achievements

Effortless Achievements
Effortless Achievements

You cannot get recognised at your workplace if you don’t bring desirable results for your bosses or the organisation. Only when your success rate is significantly higher than your co-workers, do you grab the eyeballs of your bosses or colleagues. But if these achievements are effortless, you will be treasured even more. Everybody wants to get more by giving less and when you do that, you are celebrated, followed, and admired by them. 

The first virtue in an effortless achiever at the workplace is that he makes the organisation grow.

Promotes Higher Sales & Revenues 

If you can contribute towards your company’s growth in a way that enhances its sales, revenues, and profits, you will be lauded by all at your workplace. To do this, you have to be good at three things. Firstly, you have to be good at what you do. It means that your work should benefit your company. Secondly, you should know how to promote your organisation and its products & services. And finally, you should know how to impress clients and be of help & benefit to them. When your company’s clients & customers exalt you, your company also honours you.

Builds Or Enhances Goodwill & Brand Value

Your work, conduct, and your services are related to your company’s reputation. When you serve your clients and customers to their satisfaction, you enhance your firm’s goodwill. It increases the marketability of your firm’s name and business. Also, it boosts the quality of its products, services, and customer-connect manifolds. It makes people at your workplace recognise your brilliance.

International Awards & Laurels

When the world lauds you for your skills, it’s natural for your organisation to do the same. When you win individual International awards or help your organisation win one, it recognises and lauds your contribution. Your international success makes your company benefit internationally. It expands its presence in more countries and fuels its expansion. When you increase your organisation’s profits & reputation with one arrow, you get revered by it.

Thus, it is relevant to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work only when you are an effortless achiever at your workplace. 

These are the many ways in which you can help your company and get commended by it. 

But how does your company recognise you for your excellence? There are many ways in which a firm acknowledges the contributions of its above-par employees.

Ways Of Recognising Good Employees

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

Any organisation is a double-edged sword for an employee. It penalises them for bad performances in the form of delayed salary hikes, demotions, and even layoffs. But it is also ever ready to lionise their efforts and reward them for the same. 

There are several ways by which a company panegyrises good work of its employees. Before we learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work, we need to see all these possible ways in which your workplace may compliment you. They can broadly be categorised into formal and informal.

Formal Ways Of Recognition

There are three formal ways by which any organisation praises its employees’ efforts. 

1)Words of Praise/Announcements

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

Announcements are the most common methods used to appreciate an employee for his performance and achievements. It is an inexpensive and straightforward way to boost the morale of a well-performing employee. Announcements to praise employees are used in three different ways by an organisation.

An Organisation-Wide Announcement

The organisation issues a formal word of praise for a well-performing employee in all their branches throughout the world. Such a large-scale announcement symbolises a prominent achievement of an employee. It boosts the morale of that well-performing employee and incentivises others to follow in his footsteps. 

It’s a flattering recognition for any employee which needs to be reciprocated with an apt ‘thank you’. We will see how we can do that in the coming paragraphs.  

A Local Official Announcement

It’s an announcement on a smaller scale in the organisation. It is made only in the branch of the employee or in his city of operation. It signifies a tinier achievement of a lower-in-hierarchy employee. Nevertheless, it’s a huge honour to be cheered for your handy work in front of your colleagues and juniors. It improves the attitude and respect with which you are treated at work by your co-workers. Hence, this recognition needs you to thank your bosses and everyone else who congratulates you for it.

Admiration By The Boss & Seniors

It’s not exactly an announcement but an official word of appreciation from the bosses in their respective private chambers. Here, the bosses express their happiness and satisfaction with the quality of your work. It may not be an announcement in front of your colleagues which gives you a much better feeling, but it’s no less than that, either. It is because appreciation from all your bosses and seniors is like a big box of chocolates without any saturated fat in them. And anyway, your colleagues and juniors will come to know about this pat on your back. 

Announcements of your praise can come any time from your organisation. It means that you need to be ready with the knowledge of how to say thank you for being recognised at work.

The next formal official recognition of an employee’s good work happens through celebrations.

2) Celebrations

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

Official celebrations are a bigger and better way of acknowledging an employee’s achievements. It is a more practical, responsive, and physical way of admiring his efforts. It tells that what the employee has achieved for the organisation is valuable and beyond words & verbal admiration. 

There are three types of official celebrations concerning recognising an employee’s excellence. 

 An Indoor Office Celebration

An organisation might have an in-office celebration to mark an employee’s superior work that brought it favourable results. It is more than just an announcement but the lowest among the various types of official celebrations. It basically recognises an employee’s contribution to a decent breakthrough for the company that brought a subtle windfall. Despite the size of the party, it is a morale-boosting recognition to the well-performing employee.

An Outdoor Official Lunch  

When your boss takes you, your team, or your colleagues for an official lunch in a prestigious restaurant, it’s a recognition of your good performance. The lunch is a way of showing that the organisation is willing to reward & invest in employees with great potential. It’s a recognition of your right attitude, hard work, and favourable outputs for the organisation. It is also a sign that your organisation may want to elevate you to hold a key position in the office shortly.

An official Tour/Vacation

To recognise an employee’s superior quality of work that brought the organisation rich results, it may also send him to his favourite destinations for pleasure. The company wants to compensate him for the amount of work and effort he put into an assignment. It also wants to treat him for bringing favourable results for the company. And lastly, it wants to incentivise him and the others to keep repeating such performances so that the company continues to perform to its true potential. 

When your company gives you enormous recognition via celebrations, you need to respond with something that matches it. That is why you need to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work.

The last, highest, and the best formal official recognition of an employee’s performance is by awarding him for his achievements. huge

3) Awards

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

The most prominent recognition for an employee’s work is to give him awards for his outstanding accomplishments. These awards give him a higher reputation and uplift him to a higher position permanently, professionally, and personally. Thus, laurels are more than just recognition for some bright, consistent, and outstanding work. It needs you to thank your organisation and everyone else involved in the whole process. 

How you thank people for awards at the workplace is totally different from other methods of showing gratitude. We will see those ways in the next section.

Before we see how to say thank you for being recognised at work, let’s find out the various sorts of awards an organisation gives out to applaud its good employees. 

A Salary Hike

A raise in remuneration is a fundamental way to recognise exceptional & consistent performances by an employee. It is a solid recognition for his patience, persistence, and sweat. A salary hike gives the employee a financial boost. It also adds to his confidence which helps him motivate himself to perform even better. In a way, it tells him to keep improving his work to keep upgrading his lifestyle and economic status. It is a recognition that everyone awaits!

Incentives & Bonuses

Incentives and bonuses are those kinds of recognition that tell an employee that he is on the right path after getting a salary hike. It keeps them motivated towards constantly improving their knowledge, skills, and execution. This type of recognition at the workplace keeps the employee interested and excited about his work until he gets his next raise. 


A higher position in the organisation is the most prominent acknowledgment one can get for his efficiency and good work. It entails a salary hike, higher reputation, and a noticeable increase in power & authority in the company. Hence, it is significantly more than just recognition. It is a reward that keeps you going, both at your workplace and in life!

But how do you respond to a recognition award? You cannot ignore your bosses, seniors, and co-workers when they honour you. You must know how to react to the situation in the best possible way. That is why you must discover how to say thank you for being recognised at work.

You should follow a totally different approach to thank people for the above explained, formal official recognitions. We will see those approaches in the subsequent paragraphs. 

Then, there are informal or personal recognitions by people at your workplace. Let’s see what they are all about.

Informal Ways Of Recognition

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

Informal recognition at your workplace may come from four possible sources. 

1) Recognition From The Boss

The first informal recognition that matters the most is that from your boss. He may call you in his cubicle and praise you for your fantastic work. He may tell you that you are now considered a valued employee by him, personally. Also, he may make you his close confidante and treat you like one of his trusted employees. In all these cases, you will need to reciprocate with a pleasant way to thank him.

2) Recognition From Seniors

The next recognition that matters at your workplace comes from your seniors. They may take some time out to appreciate the quality and sincerity of your work. They may tell you that you are truly becoming an expert in your job and your area of operation. Or they may have high expectations from you, which might lead them to recommend you for a promotion in the future. Recognition from your seniors is a prominent sign of your progress and efficiency at the workplace. 

3) Recognition From Colleagues 

When your colleagues recognise your surge at the workplace, they are not joking. Colleagues usually remain very competitive with each other. So, when they accept that your work has been brilliant lately, they really mean it. They may also congratulate you on getting a raise or a promotion. They may tell you that they admire or envy your exceptional work. In both cases, you have to know how to acknowledge it and say thank you to them for their kind words. 

4) Recognition From Juniors

Recognition from juniors is no less significant. It tells you that you are popular among the youngsters and that they want to be like you. They may tell you that they respect you and your work a lot. Next, they may confess that they follow and love how you shape & pace your assignments. Also, they may tell you that they look up to you and hope to match your work someday. All these compliments may overwhelm you, but you need to find a decent, gladdening, and beautiful way to thank them.

Informal or personal recognitions are tricky to handle as they involve emotions, bonds, and relationships. So, you need to know precisely how to say thank you for being recognised at work by someone.

So, let’s come to the best part of the blog. Let’s see what options you have while thanking people for recognising your work in your office.

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

How do you respond to work recognition? When somebody at work recognises your efforts or congratulates you for your celebrated work, you should revert positively. We have to accept their good wishes, feel their warmth, and react with something that makes them feel good too. There are various ways to do this. 

The first way to say thank you when people appreciate you at work is to show gratitude.

1) How To Say Thank you For Being Recognised At Work: Show Gratitude 

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

One should live life with gratitude. But there will also be moments when you will have to show it. When someone admires you at your workplace, it’s an opportunity to show grace. Showing gratitude makes you humble. It makes the other person feel connected to you. And it attracts more good fortunes in your life.

The first way to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to show gratitude. But how do you express gratitude after being recognised at work?

There are three ways to show gratitude when somebody acclaims your incredible work. 


The simplest way to respond to compliments with gratitude at the workplace is to smile and say thank you. To add to this fundamental response, you can say that you highly value their good wishes, and you rate their admiration very high. To make them feel even better, you can say that they have played a role in your success. People like it when you associate them with success and successful moments and people. This way, you can also incentivise them to help you in the future.  

Thus, the first way to show gratitude and learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is through words. 


The next way to respond with gratitude when extolled at work is through some prized little gestures. You can send greeting cards, flowers, and small gifts to people who congratulated you. It is a more visible way to tell them that you value their praise. It also signifies that they are precious to you. Generally, you show these gestures when you have achieved something noticeable or when the people who congratulated you are really close to you.

Thus, the second way to show gratitude and learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is through gestures. 


The best way to show gratitude when your friends recognise your efforts at work is to share your happiness. You can take them out for lunch or some fun activity that they like doing. You can also invite them over to your house for a meaningful time together. It is a way to tell them that their wishes mean a lot to you. It also says that you will love to have their companionship & support in the future as well. 

Thus, the final way to show gratitude and learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is through invitations. 

The second way to say thank you for being saluted at work is to throw a party.

2) How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work: Throw A Party

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

You should throw a party if you think your achievement is significant enough and that you should respond with something bigger than just an expression or a gesture. Throwing a party lets you celebrate your success and give a good time to the people who helped or recognised you for your work. When these people enjoy themselves at your success party, they will wish and pray for more success for you in the future!

So, the second way to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to throw a party.

There are three possible types of parties that you can throw.

Party In The Office

Giving a treat to your office colleagues for recognising your work or congratulating you is a good option. It is an economical, fast, and subtle way of saying thanks. If you want to keep the process of thanking formal and easy, an office party is your best bet. The treat is also remembered for a longer time by the office people when it takes place inside the office. 

Thus, the first way to throw a party and learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to plan an office party. 

Party At A Restaurant

You can also throw the party at a restaurant if your achievement is big enough and the people in your office are significant to you. Giving a treat to office people at a private place means a lot. It means that they are more than just co-workers for you. Also, it means that you are willing to take your relationship with them to a more personal level. It’s a pleasant, mature, and impressive way to express gratitude when you people recognise you at work.

Thus, the second way to throw a party and learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to plan a party at a reputed nearby restaurant. 

Party At Home

A more convenient and impressive way to say thank you when your folks recognise you at work is to invite them to your home for the party. You may invite all or some of them, depending upon the size of your house and your choice of people at your workplace. Inviting co-workers to your home for a party is for making them a part of your family. It tells them that you are really grateful for their well-wishes and that you wish to deepen your ties with them. inviting

Thus, the final way to throw a party and learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to host the party at your home. 

The last way to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to arrange a big bash cum grand celebration for everyone related to you.

3) How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work: A Grand Celebration

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work
How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work

You should thank everyone at your workplace for recognising your hard work and congratulating you for a raise or a promotion. But you should also be thankful to your family and to everyone else, who has contributed to your success in some way. Of course, this grand celebration should take place only when you achieve something prominent. It might be a landmark or a milestone in your career, like a big promotion or a lifetime achievement award. The point is to say thank you to everyone related to you in one single go!

You can conduct this party cum celebration at a lavish & prestigious five-star hotel in your city. It will do two things for you. Firstly, it will give a memory for a lifetime and a lifetime of friendship with everyone invited to the grand celebration. Secondly, it will make your life feel complete, meaningful, and truly mesmerising. The grand celebration will serve as a summary of your whole life. And the number of people and the happiness on their faces is what will make it successful!

So, if you feel the recognition you got at work to be too big, instead of showing gratitude or arranging a small get-together, go for the grand celebration. It will have people not only from your workplace but also from every area of your life. A grand celebration for being recognised at work will be the perfect way to say thank you to all the right people in your life, including your co-workers!

Hence, the best possible way to learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work is to plan a grand celebration. 

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognised At Work: Conclusion

Knowing exactly how to say thank you for being recognised at work can change your work-life forever. 

So, when you get an opportunity to say thank you for being celebrated at work, listen to your heart. If it says that the achievement is small and your co-workers are not too close to you, just show gratitude. If the triumph is decent and you want to bring your co-workers closer to you, give them a small, charming, and personal treat. But when everybody has contributed big to your herculean success, or you want it to be that way in the future, then plan a grand celebration and invite all the people related to you. 

Any sort of thank you, small or big, makes you a better, humbler, and more responsible person. It attracts more people, opportunities, and success in your life. So, work hard, deserve admiration, and achieve recognition at work. And when people at your workplace recognise you for your brilliant work, respond with a heart-warming thank you in your own customised manner!

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