How To Increase Your Intelligence

How To Increase Your Intelligence

Intelligence – A Basic Need Of Humans

Intelligence is a basic need for a human-being to survive on this planet. From breathing to arranging food to availing luxuries to dying gracefully, every act involves the generation & use of a lot of intelligence. Intelligence is not a god-gifted thing completely and we need to develop and nurture it continuously. Higher the level of intelligence you possess, higher will be the success rate in your life. But how to develop and grow this intelligence? What is the best and the easiest way that we can use to expand our intelligence levels? Before aiming for these important and interesting questions, let’s start from scratch.


Intelligence & It’s Importance


What is intelligence? Intelligence is the ability to extract truth from any situation, person or thing in order to use it for one’s material, economic or spiritual benefit. When we understand how the human mechanism functions and use it to do different kinds of work, it’s nothing but our intelligence at work! When we understand and use science as a means to produce various things like smartphones, laptops, TVs, satellites, etc, it’s also intelligence. As already explained, intelligence is needed by us in every activity we do. To clear an exam, we need intelligence to understand, absorb and produce answers in the examination hall. To win a cricket or a football match we need intelligence to score runs and goals respectively. To innovate and manufacture electronic and digital gadgets also, we need intelligence. From every small act to the most complex of acts, everything needs intelligence. Higher the level of intelligence you possess, the more simpler & easier your life becomes. Hence, one should always aim to keep growing his/her intelligence consistently and persistently.


Way to Increase Intelligence – Question Everything!

Question Everything!
Question Everything!


But what is the easiest way to ensure that our intelligence grows continuously with each passing moment? It is the virtue of questioning everything including yourself that grows your intelligence continuously. There is a misconception that intelligence means knowing the ‘answers’. The truth is that answers to any question can never be known perfectly as everything in this world is changing and evolving very fast. As soon as you come to a conclusion about anything, it’s very nature and characteristics have changed and so is the answer that you had formed. The only stable & permanent thing in this world are questions. Everything you see and come in contact with should create questions  in your mind. At first, you won’t get any answers or clues but after a point your intelligence would start developing. You would start getting thoughts and expert insights into the thing or the person in question. Higher the amount of this insight regarding something, the closer you keep getting to its truth. And the closer you get to its truth, the higher your intelligence becomes. Questions about anything and everything keep running in your mind all the time. Whenever you come in contact with something, questions related to it crop up in your mind. These questions take you towards the truth of that person or thing through various sub-questions related to the thing. When questions related to that particular thing stop coming to your mind, you have reached its truth and have developed maximum possible intelligence with regard to that particular thing or person!


Caveats While Using Questions As A Tool To Develop Intelligence


But there are some caveats that you should keep in mind while using questions as a tool to develop your intelligence. Firstly, questions should not scare you but should generate curiosity in you. It should be certain in your mind that questions are there to make you wiser and more intelligent. For this you can start with not asking too many questions initially. Take one at a time and try finding possible answers to it. Second caveat is that you should not exclude yourself from questioning. Questions help you decode anything or anyone. If you do not decode yourself, you cannot know anything else. You are your key to everything else on this planet. Hence, don’t be scared of questioning yourself before questioning everything else! The third caveat is that in order to use the developed intelligence you need to be brave and stable from inside. That is, your mind & body should be very still and strong. If they are shaky and fearful, you won’t be able to put to use the developed intelligence. Access to truth & intelligence needs an unshakeable mind & body.


Start Questioning!


 People spend their whole life without finding any way to develop their intelligence. This is because they are scared of asking questions to themselves. They are scared of what lies within their mind & body. But the key to the lock of your intelligence lies right there. First you have to unlock & decode yourself, only then will you be able to develop your intelligence regarding other things in this world. So, start asking questions right away to tap into the truth regarding everything and to keep growing your intelligence every single moment of your lives!

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