How To Do Anything Easily

How To Do Anything Easily

Life is Tough?


Our elders have told us that life is tough. That it takes a lot of hard-work to do anything. That you have to be very patient and persistent in anything you do. Without working hard persistently, life would become very difficult. Our social set-up also is a testimony to this opinion. If you have to make friends, you have to always be good to them. You generally have to agree to what they say and want from you. Similarly, if you want to succeed in life, you have to constantly work towards it and build an attitude and opinion that is conducive to it. You have to ‘carve out’ your path! Why? Have you ever thought about this? Why do we need to work persistently to make anything work? Persistence and constant effort is definitely the way forward but why do we have to put in so much effort in every work? Wouldn’t it be better to finish one work and move onto the other? Its a much better way to grow faster and remain stress-free while working. This is what is smart-work. But how do we do this?


Why is Life So Tough?


To make life easy, we need to first see that why life is hard. Why we need to work persistently? This is so because people have based their lives on lies! They want to show-off everything they have. They want to earn the praise and appreciation of people.  They want to be good in the eyes of others. They want to be called a good person in their respective societies. What this does is, to maintain this image of theirs, they have to constantly work towards it. The moment they stop these efforts, their ‘crafted image’ would shatter. A lie needs to be fed constantly in order to keep it alive. But as soon as you stop working towards it, it starts weakening and moving towards truth.


Make Life Easy


Make Life Easy
Make Life Easy

Truth is all we need to make our lives easy. If you base your life on truth, you don’t have to work towards it persistently. This is because truth stands and stays without the need of any special effort. If you aren’t bothered about your social image or people’s opinion about you, you won’t have to constantly work towards building it. You are just happy & content with ‘your truth’. By making truth the basis of your life, you save a lot of time, energy and effort which you can then invest in other productive things. For example, If you are a businessman and you know that your product is good, you can reduce the manipulative marketing of your product to fool people into it and spend more on the informative marketing to increase your reach and popularity organically. You can focus more upon improving the quality of your product which will not only increase the sales of your product but would also earn you goodwill and help building your brand sustainably! Truth not only earns you more money and time but also reputation and the precious trust of people. It makes you an honest person which is quite relieving, satisfying and peace-imparting. 


Be Truthful, Make Life Beautiful


Being truthful is difficult in today’s times as it gives you a hard-time in the short-run. But in the long-run, you are able to build a stable and trustworthy presence in your field which gives you both money and respect! So, instead of taking refuge in lies to satisfy your ego, take the ever-dependable support of truth so that your life becomes clean as a mirror making it easy, beautiful and truly worth-living!

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