How to Be Successful in Life

How to Be Successful in Life


Only 1% of the people succeed in whatever they do in their lives. Hence, 99% people keep failing, keep chasing success endlessly or stop trying and give up on their aspirations. Everyone wants to succeed in their lives with certainty but its extremely difficult to do so! Is there a fool-proof way that would ensure success in everything and every time you make an endeavor? That is, whenever you participate in a debate, you come first every-time. If you stand in an election, you always win it with overwhelming majority! If you work for a company, you get the ’employee of the year’ award every year and are the favorite of all your seniors! Is it possible to do so? If 1% of the people are doing it, obviously it is possible! It is just that, that 1% people know and use something that you don’t! If you also know that and apply it in your life, you can also become a phenomena that never fails. So what is that ‘something’ which would give you success in life without fail??



If we want a list of things here, we can say that in order to succeed in life with certainty, we should:

  1. Be dedicated and devoted towards whatever we do.
  2. Be peaceful and stress-free in whatever we do.
  3. Have absolute clarity about what we are doing.
  4. Know our strengths & weaknesses well and act accordingly.
  5. Have a never give-up attitude.
  6. Be liberated in our minds and be free of the mental struggles.
  7. Be super-aware of our surroundings and situations.

This list might go on and on! As the number of things in the above list keeps on increasing, it will make your job more and more difficult. And finally you would have the opinion that it’s impossible to succeed with certainty in life as life is too complex and we don’t have much in our hands. But there is something which if known would cover all the known and unknown factors that have an impact on your success! This ‘something’ is TRUTH!!



If you know yourself and the work you are trying to excel at extremely well, you would be unstoppable and there is no force in the universe that would be able to stop you. In fact, it would seem that all the known and unknown forces are working for you. So, what is truth and how to achieve it to ensure foolproof success in our lives? Truth is something that works everywhere and in every situation. If success is a tree, truth is the seed from which it germinated. For example, if you want to study the earth’s geography, you need to first know that it is of a round shape. This is earth’s truth! If you assume that it is flat, whatever conclusions or inference you draw regarding the earth would be wrong. But if you correctly anticipate that earth is round, you can move forward in your research about the earth with full certainty. The same is true about the activity you aspire to excel in. If you want to get a job in your ‘dream company’, you should know what exactly the company expects from its employees.



But how do we access the truth in everything we do? The first and the foremost important thing is to know yourself from your origin to your infinity! If you don’t know how your whole system of mind & body functions and what your strengths & weaknesses are, even if you know the activity you want to perform, you won’t succeed at it. Remember, you are the mirror through which you look at the world! If the mirror is not clear, the world will look hazy to you. So, first thing is to know your own truth!


Then comes the activity you want to excel at. To know the nature and truth of the activity, you need to study it really well in its entirety. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to read books on it or research about it on the internet.  People have accessed truth even when books & internet were not there. What you can do is to observe the activity and extract its truths. Here, knowing yourself would tremendously help you again! Another way is to talk to people about it. Talking to a large sample of people would give you a lot of diverse opinions and facts about the activity. Remember, the rule of thumb here is that, ‘truth never lies at the extreme ends’! It lies somewhere in between! You don’t have to try to find truth. Just gather enough information from various sources and come to its average!



Truth is the bridge that connects you to the activity you want to excel at! Once this gap is bridged, success is just a formality now. Truth when achieved, completes 99% of your task, the remaining 1% you would do automatically. This is why “TRUTH GUARANTEES SUCCESS IN LIFE”!!

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