How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

“If a person wants ‘nothing’ when he is happy,
why doesn’t he remain happy when he HAS nothing!!”


                                                                                         – Unknown


 How to Be Happy

The pursuit of happiness is the oldest pursuit for mankind. In-spite of this quest being primitive, man has still not figured out a certain and stable way to remain happy! Whatever be his condition, he longs for more and this longing makes him sad, stressed and unsatisfied. The problem is not this unending longing to have more but the sadness attached with it that needs a solution. If you won’t long for expansion and more in everything you do, how would you grow in various aspects of life! Longing more is the essence of being human. But is it necessary that this longing should make you miserable? Of course not! You can long for whatever you want to but you should be happy whether you actually achieve it or not. There are basically 2 things man needs to do to become happy. These are:


  1. Embrace Nothingness &
  2. Give-up Conclusions.


Key to Happiness

The simple cure to the misery of mankind is the art of being happy in NOTHINGNESS! If you can be happy when you have nothing, you would be happy in any situation i.e. when you are very poor or when you are extremely rich, when you are with your loved ones or when you are away from them, when you are able to fulfill your aspirations or when you are not able to do so! In fact, happiness is all you need to get whatever you want from life. When you live on a planet that is circular in shape, you should know that this shape is an integral part of the principles which govern your life. ‘Nothing’ also means ‘Everything’ due to this ‘law of circles’. 0 & 100 are close together in a circular pie-chart! This means that when you want nothing from life and are just joyful by your own nature, greatest things that you had never imagined would happen to you. Your highest potential would be unleashed! Have you ever noticed that whenever you are trying to find something very badly, you tend to forget more and more about where you had kept it? Or when you are trying hard to remember something, it goes farther and farther out of your reach? The same happens when you run after happiness through material success in life. If you forget about your desires and goals, you would start living your life more naturally which would enhance the chances of you achieving those so-called goals. There are theories that prove that the earth and the whole cosmos was born out of ‘Nothingness’ i.e. what you know today as ‘Black Holes’. Nothingness is the most productive place not only in this cosmos but also for our minds! The most productive thoughts come to our minds when we are at peace within ourselves and are thinking nothing! So, Nothingness is the base of happiness, directly or indirectly. When you are ‘Nothing’ in your mind you forget everything – your desires, miseries, pain, goals, etc. This makes you happy. Also, when you are nothing in your mind, you achieve everything you want from life. Hence, this is a sure way to make you happy!


But how do we become nothing? I have explained this in the blog, “Who Am I” also. To sum up what I wrote in that article, becoming ‘Nothing’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become an ascetic. Its just that in your mind you stop associating yourself to your physical possessions, your body and your mind! This will make you ‘Nothing’ in your mind and you will become capable of being happy, no matter what the outer situation is! Hence, instead of trying to remember (which almost everyone is trying to do today), you should be trying to forget everything you know!


Key to Happiness

Another blunder that people do that makes them unhappy is that they make conclusions about everything they come in contact with. This is a big reason why happiness remains elusive to them. People have made up their minds about what is good, what is bad, who is my friend, who is my enemy, what is big, what is small, etc. Conclusions are necessary only to make decisions and act promptly in our lives but we should make sure that they should not concretize in our minds. We should know the truth that life is an ongoing process and is constantly changing and evolving. There is no end to anything. Everything will come to an end for us only when we die! So, till the time we are alive, we should know that things we think are good for us may also turn bad if we overdo them. For example, if we like food but we don’t know when to stop eating, we will become obese and would catch many diseases. Similarly, things which are considered bad for us might turn good if we explore them. For example, Failure is considered bad but when we learn from them they make us strong and become the pillars to our future success! Today, an occasional failure prompts people to commit suicide. Had they not made any conclusions, they would not have committed the sin of ending their lives! Conclusions make your life possibilities very limited which forces you to take uninformed and hasty decisions. A person who had met with an accident makes a conclusion that he would meet with an accident again if he travels in a car. In such a situation, even if there is no possibility of an accident, an accident is likely to occur as this person’s mind will work towards making his thoughts a reality! Similarly, when a student makes a conclusion that he is anyway going to get 90% marks in his exam, he won’t study well because of which he would underachieve in his exams. Hence, the crux here is that making conclusions is sure to disappoint you which will ultimately make you unhappy! Life should be your playground where you are able to play, experiment and explore with everything you come in contact with without any judgments & conclusions. Life is full of possibilities and opportunities. Any act may have infinite outcomes and effects. So, do not try to capture life in your silly and narrow logics and conclusions because logics & conclusions fit in your life well but life is too large & complex a phenomena to fit into your logics & conclusions. Conclusions not only take away the great possibilities from your life but they also cripple your freedom & liberation which is the most important thing that is needed to be happy!


Happy Forever

Happiness is the right of every human being. Unfortunately, man has become the slave of the things that he himself has created. He has got entangled in the desire for material possessions. Also, he has forgotten to enjoy the journey of life by making unnecessary conclusions about everything. If we really want to be happy in our lives, we need to find happiness within ourselves and not look for it in the outer world. We should give up the goal-oriented attitude prevalent in our societies and should give more importance to the journey of life and its minutest details. Happiness should not be a goal,  it should be the outcome of the way we handle ourselves.



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