Easy Way To Solve A Big Problem

Easy Way To Solve A Big Problem

Everyone Has An Achilles’ Heel


People might be quite skilled in their particular fields of profession. They might be winning awards, people’s appreciation and self-respect but every person, without exception, has that one Achilles’ heel that she/he is just not able to crack or surpass. That  problem where everything comes to a standstill. That devil, which  she in-spite of repeated efforts, is just not able to surmount! Some people develop excessive fear which then manifests itself in the form of various types of phobias like phobia from water, height, loneliness, darkness and phobias even from love & success. This Achilles’ heel, if unlocked could have unleashed tremendous opportunities and fortune but people either fail to break them open or they reach a compromise with the problem. How these problems surface and grip a person is not beyond grasp but it’s a complex issue that will be taken up in another blog. Here, we would discuss about how to get past these problems in order to live a life full of potential, success & joy. So, how difficult, tiring or long is this way?


There Are No Short-Cuts


The first thing that we need to understand here is that there are no short-cuts in life. To solve any problem, searching for short-cuts is the worst possible mistake you could commit. First of all, the search time and effort would be enormous in finding a short-cut because every solution that you would think of will have loopholes which will eventually make your short-cuts very much longer. And finally, you would be back to square-one. But people can be ‘strong-willed’ and stubborn. They will follow SOME short-cut. These short-cuts would be full of challenges, risks and dangers. They would take you off-track. This will make your way longer, turning the short-cut into ‘longer than the long-cut’ itself. It is also possible that you will never reach your destination and in the process lose even things you had in the beginning. All the crimes done are based on these very short-cuts. The short-cut to becoming rich lead people to rob banks, landing them straight into prison. So, it’s a given thing that we should never look for short-cuts to solve any problem.


Take The ‘Shortest-Possible Cut’ Instead


To solve the biggest problems of your lives, you should be looking to take the ‘shortest-cut’. It is not a short-cut. Actually it is the shortest-possible cut. It may be longer, equal or even smaller than your short-cut. But, it will make you reach your destination in the minimum-possible time. This means an ideal time duration to solve the problem. There won’t be any wastage of your precious time and it would also solve the problem with guarantee. So, what is this method that would solve any problem of your life in the least possible time and that too with certainty? It is solving THAT sub-problem that is the ‘King of Your Problem’.


Killing The ‘King Of The Problem’

Killing The ‘King Of The Problem’
Killing The ‘King Of The Problem’


The sub-problem that is the ‘King of The Problem’ means solving that ‘linchpin sub-problem’ that will automatically solve the other sub-problems and consequently the whole problem. You may call it the ‘key’ to your problem’s lock or the ‘centre of gravity’ of your problem. For example, if you have fear of water, you should go to the largest water-body to swim to end this fear once and for all. Of course, this would need a lot of preparation, safety-gears and a lot of courage. But this way will solve the problem for sure and in the least possible time. The reason is that, most part of all our fears are not real and live only in our minds. So, when you learn to swim in an area full of water, you win the trust of your mind that you can swim anywhere now and that you don’t fear water anymore. But if you learn to swim in a swimming pool and the next time you go to the ocean to swim, your mind will remain scared and hesitant.


Shortest-Cut: An Easier Way-Out


The shortest-cut gives you just one task on which you have to put all your concentration, effort & courage to win-over your fear. On the other hand, surpassing the numerous sub-problems might make you lose your way or the needed-inspiration in between. A single, clear objective increases the probability of solving any problem. This clarity is provided by the shortest-cut. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you should not stop working on this shortest-cut ever. You should keep doing it regularly which will keep reducing your fear. And after a point, your ‘fear of water’ would  actually turn into ‘love for water’ and you won’t feel the need to force yourself to go for swimming to the ocean.


A Little Courage Would Do The Job


All we need in life is to remove the biggest problems of our lives in a sure, certain and quickest-possible manner so that we are able to live our beautiful lives to the fullest possible extent. The shortest-cut to solving every Achilles’ heel would let you do just that! The only things you need to do this are awareness (which will come after reading this blog) and a little courage! I am sure you can do it! ALL THE BEST!!



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