Control Vs. Balance

Control Vs. Balance

Control created through Power wears-off quickly but Balance developed through Consciousness keeps on growing limitlessly!”

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The Bicycle : Control Vs. Balance


When we ride a bicycle well, we are said to be in control of it. But are we really in ‘control’ of the cycle? Of course, it looks so but there is a deeper concept to the whole process. The bicycle runs more on the balance you develop than due to the control you create over the bicycle. Control lets you take the cycle in the direction of your choice but to keep the cycle standing and moving you need balance. A similar law holds even in our lives! We need balance to stay on track before managing control to take life in the direction of our choice. Let’s try and understand the story of Balance & Control today.


Power & Its Relationship With Control


Power & Control
Power & Control


Power is an accumulation or bundle of energy/strength. It is a physical resource that has to be built over time. It has a beginning and an end with a decent amount of growth in between. It is generally short-lived. The human body is one of the best examples of it. We are a bundle of energy which lets us control our lives. The physical world runs on power. The more powerful you are, the better your life becomes as power makes you able to accomplish various tasks easily. The main or primary sources of power in the physical world are physical and mental strength & ability, money and the resultant influence you have on various people and situations. This influence is also called ‘Control’. Hence, control is a by-product of power. We are able to control a bicycle only because of the power within our body and mind.



The Importance of Control


Control is Important
Control is Important


Control developed through power is very important. If we don’t have control over things, situations and people, our lives would go haywire and we will fail in everything we do. To reach any destination, we need to be in control of the car we are driving. To do the smallest of jobs, we need to be in control of the tools we are about to use. Any lack of power leads to an insufficiency of control which ultimately gives us repeated failures and consequent misery & depression. So, we need to constantly increase our powers so as to continuously enhance our control over things we want to accomplish.

The Shortcoming of Control


Shortcoming of Control
Shortcoming of Control


But there is a big problem with control. Even though power & control are very important physical resources and are essential to survive & thrive in the physical world, they have a serious shortcoming to their credit.  Power is temporary & short-lived and as a result control is very uncertain, unstable & volatile. When you become powerful it feels great and on top of the world. When it grows, you start feeling like god and that this time won’t ever end. With growing power, control skyrockets and gives you unprecedented success, feats & glory. But power can be treacherous. When it starts falling, it takes you into a depression and when it suddenly vanishes, you feel you have nothing left in life. The habit of power & control makes you feel miserable, sad & lonely. And even if you come out of all that, you still have to live without power & control which is difficult. So, clearly control is not reliable and we can’t afford to become over-dependent on it. So, what can we do? Do we have an alternative? An alternative that is better than control? An alternative that would stay with us permanently and keep growing continuously? The good news is that there is one and it’s called ‘Balance’.


The Alternative : Balance & Consciousness


Balance & Consciousness
Balance & Consciousness


Balance is developed out of consciousness. Consciousness is a state of ‘total sensitivity’ wherein you can feel anything as a part of yourself. You can feel it within you. You can make things enter your deepest experience. And when this happens, you don’t have to control anything anymore. Whatever you do will automatically come out balanced. Why do people catch deadly diseases? They do because they are not able to sense their body in totality. Their consciousness has not expanded to their whole body. They cannot sense that the consumption of liquor or cigarettes is harming them from within until they actually & visibly do. This makes them keep repeating these gruesome acts which ultimately become habits and finally cause deadly diseases. If we can sense our body totally which means if our consciousness is extended to our whole body, we can easily sense what is good and what is bad for it. This will make our actions balanced, sound & healthy which would keep us safe from various diseases and other external threats.



We can also take the example of the bicycle here. Instead of powerfully/stressfully controlling the cycle with our mind and hands, if we let the cycle enter our consciousness, if we can feel the whole cycle and its functions to be a part of ourself, we can learn to ride the cycle much faster and ride it magically without even practicing too hard. Once our consciousness expands upto something starting from our body, our mind & body know how to be balanced which organically brings positive results for us. The only question is how well or how much that thing has entered your consciousness. The more it has entered into our consciousness, the more balanced we will be and the better will be the results. The good thing is that once your consciousness regarding something gets activated, it will continue to grow towards infinity and so will your balance quotient regarding using that thing which will constantly & continuously keep improving your performance.


Conclusion : Stop Controlling, Start Balancing!


So, to learn anything well and to perform exceptionally in anything we do, we need to stop trying too hard to control ourselves, the tools we have or the result we want. We just need to be meditative, peaceful & observing so that we become receptive and our consciousness gets and remains active. Once something enters our consciousness, it also enters our experience, sensitivity and dynamic intelligence. And once this happens, nothing can stop you from achieving the results of your choice! So, activate your consciousness to bring alive all your dreams in life!!


Stop Controlling, Start Balancing!



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