Are there any Side-Effects of Spirituality?

Are there any Side-Effects of Spirituality?

Side Effects of Spirituality?


When we perform any action, we want to succeed in it. In order to do that, we need to understand two things really well – ourself and the activity we are going to perform. If you try hard and get a grip of the activity without understanding your own strengths and limitations, you might succeed for sometime with a mediocre-level performance. But this grip would be short-lived and on top of it, it would come with a lot of stress and anxiety. But if you understand yourself well, you can master any activity in a very short span of time which would stay with you for life! Do you remember that classmate of yours who used to study very less, still did exceedingly well in the exams? He just knew himself or herself really well and this made them stand out. This is spirituality! But is there any dark-side or negative argument in relation to spirituality?


Side Effects of Spirituality?


Some people are gifted with the knowledge of themselves from a very early age as they are inherently peaceful by their own nature. This helps them pay attention to every aspect of their lives and learn & improve constantly. Others are gifted with a peaceful and loving family which helps them to become peaceful within themselves over a period of time which again makes them aware of their life energies and inner intelligence. But then there are people who are always stressed out no matter what they do! The reasons could be anything like a troubled childhood, low skill-set, fear of failure, lack of love in their lives, etc. Can they ever become spiritual?


How to become Spiritual?


Being spiritual is something that you are in this moment or you are not. If you are, I must say that you are very fortunate and lucky! You will save a lot of time in your life as you won’t run all over the place to find meaning in your life. But if you are not spiritual, it’s a long and tiring process. See, the biggest obstacle in becoming spiritual is one’s strong attachment to physical things and luxuries like money, your parents, wife, children, friends, etc. And it’s difficult to dissociate yourself from them. But it is definitely possible to do! You only have to remember that you constantly have to remind yourself that you are not your physical gatherings, including your own body. You have to give up everything you have, at least in your mind! Ever heard the phrase that,”You need to loose yourself completely, before you find your true self”? Here, the first ‘yourself’ relates to the physical-self while the second one relates to your spiritual-self.  It’s a long process but you should be determined not to give up!


Spirituality is Amazing!


When you actually achieve spirituality through this arduous journey, believe me nothing would bother you at all from that point in your life. Howsoever big the challenge, you would easily and efficiently be able to handle it and excel through it. Life won’t be difficult anymore for you. People would come to you for advices. And you would know anything and everything under the sun! This is because all human lives are created in the same way. When you understand your own, you understand everyone else’s! And mind you, when you become spiritual, you would actually become more efficient than the spiritual people who were naturally spiritual from the beginning. This is because in them, the spiritual process is embedded from the beginning without them knowing the whole process. Whereas you would know exactly and better than them about each and every action that you would take!


So remember, spirituality might take sometime for people to achieve, but once it is achieved, you would find yourself on top of the world!

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