Hey Spiritual Seekers,

An “About Us” page is not much of a significance for us here at ApplyingSpirituality.com as the website is totally dedicated to you and your well-being! If we tell you who we are, you would either admire us if you are generous or you would ignore us if you look down upon us. In both these cases, our goal of benefitting you through our spiritual blogs would go unfulfilled. We want you to read our blogs in an unbiased and unprejudiced environment because this would help you benefit from them to the maximum possible extent.

For the curious ones we can provide a superficial information about the author. Most of the articles are and will be written by Harsh who is an Economics Post Graduate but is forever a student of Life and Nature. He pursues Truth in everything he does. He likes everything about life and has particular hobbies like Meditating, Traveling, Playing almost all sports, Reading and Writing.

The objective of this blog is to help you understand yourself better so that you improve in every sphere of life. As all human beings are essentially created the same way, the author takes references from his own knowledge & experience of life to shower you with life’s truths which seem like secrets to the common man. We are confident that once people around the globe understand themselves fully, stress & anxiety would be a thing of the past and human endeavors would start giving results in a way never thought possible! We want to replace human misery and sorrow with joy and blissfulness. We have the aspiration of making people aware and conscious of themselves completely so that they can handle any situation with their highest efficiency levels. We would provide you with practical solutions to every life problem and situation so that you find the right inner ambience to provide full expression to the life you are!

If you have any further query about what we intend to do through our blogs, please feel free to contact us anytime you want to!